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How can you best care for your tires?

Letting your tires sit for long periods of time in the elements like standing water, wet/moist conditions, and extreme/direct sunlight is bound to wear on them. If you notice cracking, stop in to see us right away. The best course of action is to protect your tires from the elements and park in a more climate controlled area, garage, or parking pad.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Too much air pressure or not enough can cause your tires to wear unevenly and reduce their life span. Check your manual for proper air pressure or stop down to let us take a look.

Get in the habit of really looking at your tires, checking for debris lodged in the tire. Debris can be very small and may not result in an immediate flat tire. Also look for cracks, bulges, and uneven wear/marks. Being vigilant about checking your tires can help you avoid larger problems later, in which you are unable to save the tire.

If you’re prone to fast acceleration and/or excessive breaking, you maybe wearing your tires down faster than necessary. How you drive effects your tires, so be mindful.

Avoid hitting curbs with the side of your tire, running over objects you can avoid, dodging potholes when possible, and anything else than can do visible damage or invisible damage that isn’t as easy for you to spot.

Don’t skip rotating your tires. Proper tire rotation at scheduled intervals is an important step in how to care for your tires. The health of your tires depends on rotating your tires. Plus, it’s another time technicians are looking at your tires and can alert you if something doesn’t seem right.

Fix other problems like front end alignment that can prematurely wear out your tires.

If you have questions about your tires, how to care for your tires, and if they should be replaced, stop by the TireZoo in Bloomington or Anoka Monday through Saturday. We’ll be happy to help!