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Fun Facts About Tires and the TireZoo

fun facts about tiresFACT 1: You do not need to replace all four tires at the same time. The TireZoo can help you match one, two, or three existing tires with replacement tires.

FACT 2: The TireZoo is on Pinterest and has boards dedicated to ideas on repurposing old tires, travel snacks, tire and auto decor and parties, and entertaining kids on road trips.

FACT 3: A semi-truck usually has 18 tires; depending on the truck and trailer it can have 10-22 tires! Have you heard the term “18 Wheeler” before?

FACT 4: There’s a free tire facts app you can download that works on Androids and Apple products.

FACT 5: The TireZoo has TWO locations in the North and South Metro; 1 in Bloomington and 1 in Anoka, MN.

FACT 6: It is estimated that less than half of all drivers check their tire condition on a regular basis.

FACT 7: The TireZoo, which began as All Season Tires, started in 1979

FACT 8: Tires contain belts in their inner manufacturing that help keep the tread strong and stable. Belts can break inside the tire, causing bulging, blowouts, and/or irreparable damage to the tire.

FACT 9:  The date your tire was manufactured can be found on the side wall, read in a series of numbers explained here that include the week and the year.

FACT 10: Tires that have exhausted their initial intended use are often called “spent” tires.

If there is anything you need to know about tires, replacing tires, or finding a specific tire please don’t hesitate to call us or stop by. We’re happy to help!