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Tips When Driving Carpool

driving carpoolWhether you are driving carpool to and from work or school, it can be a cost effective and time reducing option for many. Here are a few tips to help you with your driving carpool experience.

Cheat Sheet: Keep a cheat sheet of addresses and start/end times in the car. It’s easy to assume you’ll remember this simple data, but it can be handy on a hectic day. Things to include: Who attends which school, time each school starts, time each school ends, time to arrive at each work place or transit station, addresses and/or alternative routes.

Carpool Lane and Stalls: When traveling in the Twin Cities metro area or other roads that offer carpool lanes, it’s a great idea to take advantage of this. To refresh your knowledge of how the Minnesota carpool lanes work in the metro and some frequently asked questions, click here. In some cases, parking lots and drop off zones will have specially marked carpool parking that is very useful!

Reminders: Make sure you remind young kids to use the bathroom prior to long commutes. Identify a bathroom along the route for emergencies. Remind everyone where they will find you or where to meet up.

Trash Container: Let’s face it. Traveling with anyone, young or old, usually means extra trash in the vehicle. Empty coffee cups, Kleenex, wrappers, and more need a place to go. Use a designated bag or container to collect carpool trash.

Seat Belts and Car Seats: Make sure all your seat belts are dug out of the seats, and you’ve reviewed any child car seat/booster seat laws. Require seat belt use for your passengers utilizing both the Minnesota Law AND your personal traveling rules for passengers. Here are current child safety seat belt and restraint laws.

Visit our board on Pinterest for great travel snack ideas for kids, if your kids need to maximize their time to fit in a snack on the way to practice or while driving a longer carpool. We have pinned some ideas that are easy to transport and eat in a vehicle.