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Choosing Tire Brand: So Many Brands

Which do I buy? GoodYear has good ads, but my dad always bought Michelin. My friend says Firestone are the best. How do I decide which brand of tire to buy for my vehicle?

Which brand do I buy?

They’re all great tires.  Finding the right tire for your vehicle and situation is most important. Equally as important is the type of driving you do. Spending more money and buying a specific brand of tire doesn’t mean the tires will serve you better than cheaper tires.

A lot has to do with speed rating. At the Tire Zoo, we always ask what type of driving you do, which helps determine what tire is best for you.

We don’t want to see you throw extra money out the window, so let us take the time to explain the difference to you, listen to what you have to say, and tell us about your needs. Together we’ll find the right brand of tire for your situation and not let you spend too much.