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Checking Tread on Tires

tire tread and checking tread on tiresDo you need to be a tire expert to be periodically checking tread on tires? The answer is no, and all vehicle owners should know how to keep an eye on tire tread. When is the last time you took a look at the tread on your tires?

Keeping an eye on your tire tread depth, as well as uneven wear, bulges, cuts, or foreign debris is very important. Even if your tires are new or you regularly have your vehicle serviced, it’s important to keep an eye on your tires so you are quickly alerted if something isn’t quite right.

Checking tread on tires isn’t only about watching if tires need to be replaced. Checking on tires and uneven wear can alert you to an issue that can be fixed and save your tires from prematurely wearing out and needing to be replaced. When this happens, you save money!

How to go about checking tread on tires

Use a penny and put President Lincoln’s head facing down in to the tread (but out facing you so you can see the head), meaning the top of his head is facing the tire and the other side of the penny is facing out. Now look at the penny, and if you are unable see the top of his head, then your tread is likely good. The more of his head you can see, the less tread is remaining. Make sense?

If you have any questions about tread life or wondering how long you have to save for your next set of new or quality used tires, you can stop in and have one of our tire specialists take a look. We’ll be happy to help keep you safe on the road! The TireZoo has two convenient locations; Bloomington and Anoka, MN