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Check Your Tires and Road Trip for BBQ

If you find yourself with a road trip planned, why not become a connoisseur of our vast American BBQ styles. As you make your way to your final destination, you can taste and compare some of the US’s original cuisine.

Take off from Minnesota and enjoy the different BBQ flavors across our country starting in St. Louis, working your way South and East.

BBQ Regions in USA Plan your road trip


Regions of BBQ Flavor and Technique in the USA

St. Louis: No light dusting of sauce here. Heavy on the sauce and flavor.

Kansas City: You’ll find lots of spare ribs (pork) with a thicker sauce that includes tomato, molasses and brown sugar.

Texas: Is known for their beef, specifically beef brisket that uses a long smoking process. It produces well cooked and tender meat with a tomato and vinegar sauce blend.

Louisiana: A melting pot of flavors influenced by world cuisine for a very unique flavor of meat (usually pork) and sauces.

Alabama and Kentucky: Sauces often include bourbon and mayonnaise that distinguishes this region of barbeque from the rest.

Memphis and Nashville: You might find a white BBQ, in addition to some amazing dry rubs and sauce, often served on the side so you can appreciate all the flavors.

Carolina’s: Known for a thinner sauce highlighting both vinegar and mustard in their BBQ recipes.

While all of these places feature delicious variations of barbecue, Minnesota has hot dish! Ever had a hot dish with a BBQ sauce? Where is the best BBQ you’ve ever had?