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Tire Zoo Highlights in 2014

tire zoo2014 was an amazing year! We welcomed quite a few new changes this past year.

Tire Zoo Extended Hours

We extended our Saturday hours to 5pm for both the Bloomington and Anoka locations.

New Tire Zoo Website

This past fall we rolled out a brand new website with an enhanced new tire search feature and database!

Great Tire Zoo Reviews

We received some fantastic reviews from customers on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and via our website. Here’s one of the more recent ones:

Always great service and pricing. Been buying tires here or at their Anoka store for over 15 years. ~Todd F.

High Traffic Tire Zoo Blog Posts

There were several blog posts that generated plenty of interest and traffic in 2014 too.

A year ago, we published the blog post, Double Check Tire Pressure in Extreme Cold which is currently our most popular blog post. It’s been extremely cold here in Minnesota already, and it’s not even officially winter yet!

Snow, cold, and winter driving is clearly on the minds of our readers. Another of our most read blog posts is Snow Tires vs All Season Tires. If you need help determining if snow tires are the way to go for you and your vehicle, give us a call.

Two other very high traffic blog posts this past year have to do with Where Used Tires Come From and whether or not you Can Buy Just One Tire.

 Popular Tire Zoo Coupons Still a Favorite

Printable coupons have been updated on our new website, but are still available to our customers on our “Specials” page!

2014 has been a great year at the Tire Zoo, and we look forward to wishing all of your a wonderful 2015! We’re certain 2015 is when we exceed 1000 fans on our Facebook page too.

Why Buy Used Tires

why buy used tiresUsed tires are something that can have plenty of quality, life, and value left in them. Not all used tires are the same, and the quality of used tires is difficult for untrained people to judge (don’t buy just any used tires or accept “free” tires from someone without having them checked out). Our tire technicians are experienced in determining the quality of used tires.

There are times when it’s best to invest in a set of new tires, but there are certainly reasons to buy used tires as well.

Why Would I Buy Used Tires?

Having been in the tire business for over 35 years, we have the advantage of getting to know our customers and needs. We can pass along to you their reasons for choosing to buy used tires rather than brand new ones.

  1. Low on cash: You can’t afford new. If you’re on a tight budget, quality used tires are a very good option.
  2. One tire blew: You lost one tire, but don’t want to replace them all. The TireZoo has such a large used tire inventory that in most cases we can match your existing tires perfectly so you don’t have to replace all four.
  3. Vehicle is on its last leg: If you’re not sure how much longer your car is going to last, used tires are a good idea. It’s hard to justify putting new tires on a really high mileage vehicle.
  4. Your lease is almost up:  If you’re worried the tires on your vehicle won’t pass lease inspection, we can help you with less expensive used tires that will pass!
  5. Front-end issues: Your vehicle has front-end issues you can’t afford to repair at this time.
  6. Off-road and tough driving conditions: Hard on your tires? End up blowing them out before the tread wears out? If you typically drive for unusual purposes; off-road, potholes, and/or rough terrain, used tires are a great idea.
  7. Saving money is a goal right now: The TireZoo has may sets of tires that are “like new” but cost considerably less. Why not save the money?
  8. The Tire Zoo offers a 30 day warranty on all used tires.

You really don’t need to worry about the quality of used tires; the TireZoo has only a 5% return rate on used tires. That is extremely low. If you have questions about why you should buy used tires or if new tires are a better idea, give us a call or stop by. We’ll be upfront with you and give you the answers you deserve!

Happy Thanksgiving


Can I Buy Just One Tire?

can i buy just one tire

It’s a simple enough question, yet many people wonder if it is possible to buy just one tire. More than likely, what they really mean is, “is it advised to buy only one new tire for their vehicle?”

Can I buy just one tire, or do I need to replace all four tires at the same time?

The answer is yes, you can buy just one! Life happens and circumstances out of our control dictate what needs to happen. The key is to match your existing tires with a tire with similar wear and tread life. If your other three tires are still in great shape with plenty of tread, but aren’t new, it’s best to find a quality used tire. It will need to be the right size tire, but matching the brand isn’t necessary. However, if matching brands is important to you, the used tire inventory at TireZoo (both locations in Bloomington and Anoka, MN) is vast, and we’ll be able to find you what you need.

Not sure what you need? Stop in and we’ll take a look at your remaining tires and help you determine what you need, get the tire on your car, and have you on your way very quickly!

How to Read the Side of Your Tire

how to read the side of your tireThe side of your tire is called a “sidewall”, and it contains important information about your tire. While you many not need to know some of this information during the life of your tire, it can come in handy when replacing a tire and matching existing tires or looking up the proper inflation pressure for the tire. It’s also important to know how to read the manufacture date on tires, especially if you are getting a used tire from someone.

When you buy new or used tires from the TireZoo, we carefully inspect tires to make sure you are getting quality, reliable tires. There can be a lot wrong with used tires, so you need to go to some place you can trust, like the TireZoo, or make yourself very knowledgeable about tires.

How to Read the Side of Your Tire

The sidewall will have a series of numbers from left to right. The first letter is the TYPE of tire it is. For most people it is a P for passenger vehicle tires. Next is TIRE WIDTH, ASPECT RATIO, and the CONSTRUCTION. The construction is usually “Radial”. Next comes WHEEL DIAMETER, LOAD INDEX, and SPEED RATING.  To learn more about speed rating, read “Tire Speed Rating Explained”.

Tire Manufacture Date

You’ll also see DOT on the tire. After that is a series of numbers with a four digit number at the end signalling a week and year the tire was manufactured. (2314 would be the 23th week of the 2014 year).

Do you have a question about tires that we can answer for you? Let us know in the comments below or Contact Us today.

A Tire is a Tire, Right?

a-tire-is-a-tireWhen referring to used tires, there is a wide range of difference in tires. While some people use the words used and old tires interchangeably in conversation, there is a distinct difference in quality used tires and tires that have outlived their initial intended purpose.

Used Tires Are Not All the Same

There is also a difference in used tires based on a variety of factors including the condition of the tires, age of the tires, tread left on the tires, internal (cord) damage and bulges, and how the tires have been stored. Simply
put, used tires are not all the same. The danger is in the buyer and/or seller not knowing how to properly store used tires and assess the quality/integrity of the tire inside and out.

Many people run into trouble buying tires online on auction sites. Their intentions are to save money and get a used tire with plenty of life remaining. The TireZoo specializes in a very large inventory of quality used tires in almost every size and brand, so that you can buy entire sets of tires or match one tire to existing tread on other tires. The TireZoo can save you all the money you are looking to save by buying used tires, but take away the headache and worry about what you’re actually getting. Plus, our tire technicians can mount and balance your tires and have you out the door very quickly.Therefore, it is our recommendation that you not purchase used tires from unknown sources, but give us a call or stop by and let us insure your happy, safe, and within your budget.

If you are wondering if a tire on your vehicle is in need of replacement, stop by and let us take a look. We have locations in Bloomington, MN and Anoka, MN (on the south and north side of the Minneapolis- St. Paul metro area)

Replace Tires on AWD Vehicle

What do you do when you need to replace tires on AWD vehicle?

Can you buy just one tire or do you have to replace all four tires at the same time?

Are four wheel, front wheel, and AWD vehicles the same as far as tires go?

These are frequent questions we answer for customers, and they bring up some really good points. Many people assume a tire is a tire. However, there are very careful considerations you need to make based on the vehicle you have and the tire(s) that need replacing. Vehicles with all time 4 wheel drive are different than select 4 wheel drive (4×2). Additionally, vehicles that have 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive options are different too.

If you have All Wheel Drive (AWD) or all time 4 wheel drive (4×4), it important to make sure not only that all four tires match Brand-wise, but that they also match tread depth-wise. The TireZoo is very experienced with helping people replace only 1, 2, or 3 tires at a time. We have a very large inventory of new and used tires that we can almost always find replacement tires that match your remaining tires’ brand and tread.


High Quality Used Tires Available

used tires for sale at the TireZooThe term “used tires” doesn’t necessarily mean there is much about the tires that is used. While some quality used tires have less life left than others, many tires we sell are extremely high quality and are like new. The TireZoo has over ten thousand used tires in our inventory, and our tire technicians are skilled at checking over tires for any issues and matching existing tires on a vehicle with a similar tread/life tire.

Because of this, many used tires available at the TireZoo have tens of thousands of miles left on them and can mean a significant savings for you. There are many benefits to buying new or used tires. Do you have a question we can answer about used tires? Need to know if we have something in stock? Give us a call in Bloomington, MN 1-800-761-2013 or Anoka, MN 1-800-421-2037

Be a Part of Earth Day 2012

Earth Day April 22, 2012 TireZoo MN Recycle TiresEarth Day is Sunday,  April 22, 2012 this year. If you have tires in your garage or shed, Earth Day is the perfect time to haul them out. Depending on the tires you have, the TireZoo may be able to help.

Old “Spent” Tires

If you have old tires that you are simply storing because you have no use for them anymore, they should be recycled. You can do your part by getting them out of the shed or rubbish and bringing them in for recycling. At the TireZoo, we ship the ‘spent’ tires to a reputable recycler. The tires are shredded or made into crumbs and are used to produce a wide variety of new products! Click here for more about our tire recycling. There is a $3.00 tire disposal fee.

One company doing some really neat things with old “spent” tires is “Flat Tire Decor” in Wisconsin.  Their newest product is their Tube Tote, which is a cool tool carrier. Do you know of a fun new product or project using old tires? Let us know in the comments!

Quality Used Tires

If you have quality used tires in your garage or on a car you’re planning to get rid of, bring the tires in to either of our locations (Bloomington or Anoka, MN) and we’ll make you an offer! We pay top dollar for used tires in good condition. What are you waiting for?

Get a jump on Earth Day 2012! Visit for more ideas on how to join the millions of people world-side celebrate Earth Day.

Buying Used Tires Instead of New, or New Tires Instead of Used

new or used tires, when to buyEvery vehicle owner’s needs and circumstances are different. Sometimes buying new tires is the best option, and sometimes used tires fit the situation best. Read our “Top 8 Reasons for Buying Used Tires” for ideas when new or used might be the better solution, and stop by either of our locations or call to speak with one of our technicians who can help you decide.

When we talk to our customers, it’s nice to hear that we exceeded their expectations on price and the time it takes to get them on their way.

One happy customer says:

“I needed new tires for my VW Jetta. Last time I purchased new off-brand tires and paid $1,000. This time I went to TireZoo and got a set of Michelin tires with 75% of the original tread wear remaining for $300. Not only did I save money, but the staff had me in & out in about 45 minutes. I love these guys!” Brian

Another used tire customer shares:

“I thought I needed a new set of 4 tires. I gave them a call and they had my tire with a similar (50%) tread depth. Cost me 10% of what a new set would have cost. The guy said it would take about 45 minutes to get the car in and get the tire on, but I was out of there in 20 minutes. Very happy!” Jonathon

Do you have a story to share with us? Leave a comment below or fill out our review form. We look forward to hearing from you.