Shopping for Tires?

shopping for tiresThe TireZoo has been locally owned and operated since 1979 and has two convenient locations in Bloomington, MN and Anoka, MN to better serve our customers with all their new and used tire shopping needs and repairs. The TireZoo aims to provide affordable options, as well as carry all major (and minor) tire brands so that customers have plenty of choices when shopping for tires. We take great care to listen to customers, only sell them what they want, and insure their experience in friendly and genuine. We offer online shopping of our inventory, as well as the option to give us a call with the size tire you need. We’re happy to give you options over the phone, so the process is even speedier when you stop in.

Shopping for Tires Made Easy!

Open six days a week, neither of our locations require appointments! Just stop by when you are shopping for tires, and our tire specialists will help you find exactly what you need.

The TireZoo in Bloomington, MN (All Season Tire)

The TireZoo in Anoka, MN (Anoka Tire)

Where to Recycle Car Seats in Minnesota

Where to Recycle Car Seats in MinnesotaIf you can’t bring yourself to throw your old child car seats into the garbage, you don’t have to. Minnesota has one recycling center in McLeod County that accepts and recycles infant and older child car seats. Working in conjunction with McLeod County, Stearns County serves as an alternate drop off location that collect the seats and hauls them to Hutchinson, MN.

While neither of these sites is in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area, they are an easy drive that works well with groups and organizations willing to serve as micro-drop locations. Over the years, parents, neighborhoods, and various organizations have collected child car seats to recycle, so people don’t have to individually drive the items to be recycled.

More information about Stearns County Household Hazardous Waste Facility and their Greenseats Car Seat Recycling Program

More information about McLeod County Household Hazardous Waste Facility and their car seat recycling

Tire Translation

Foreign languages translation word tireWhile every language is different and there are variations on every word and phrase, here is a list of translations we came up with for the word “tire”.

Tire Translation

Spanish: tire = neumatico

French: tire = pneu

Mandarin: tire = tāi

German: tire = reifen

Italian: tire = pneumatico

Finnish: tire = rengas

Haitian Creole: tire = kawotchou

Japanese: tire = taiya

Beautiful Winter Travel Destinations in MN

Gunflint trail area, MNSo much focus is placed on summer travel destinations, that many beautiful winter travel destinations in MN are often overlooked. Aside from the fact that winter travel can be hazardous and unpredictable at times, winter is a beautiful time to visit parts of Minnesota. The snow and ice provide a mesmerizing landscape in many areas of Minnesota during the winter months that can’t be experienced any other time of the year. 

Five of the #OnlyinMN destinations we recommend you consider traveling to include:

  1. Gunflint Trail, also known as Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway
  2. Lake Superior and North Shore Drive
  3. Minnehaha Falls which is part of Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis
  4. Lanesboro, MN
  5. Ice fishing around Brainerd, MN

Before you head out on the winter roads, make sure your tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread to get you safely where you want to go.

Tires to the Pavement: St. Paul Winter Carnival

If you haven’t taken in the St. Paul Winter Carnival yet, but it’s on your list of things to do, this is your last week to get there. The St. Paul Winter Carnival runs through Sunday, February 5, 2017.

In case you need some convincing, Minnesota Monthly wrote an article on “5 Reasons to Visit the St. Paul Winter Carnival.”

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see:

The TireZoo is open Monday – Saturday in Anoka and Bloomington, MN. Stop by and visit us!

Tire or Car Themed Valentines

Tire themed valentine sayingsHere are some car or tire themed valentines inscriptions if you’re making your own cards. Simply use a small tire from a toy or bike tire to make tread marks across the paper using black ink. Then add:

  • “I never tire of you”
  • “My admiration for you will never go flat
  • “Pumped up psi: pretty sweet indeed”
  • Tread lightly on my heart, Valentine”
  • “My love goes round, and round, and round for you”
  • Donuts are sweet”
  • “You can have my spare treat, Valentine”

Looking for Used Tires Size 285 75r 16?

used tire 285 75r 16If you’re searching for used tires size 285 75r 16, we usually have some in stock. We do a large volume of used tire business, so our inventory changes daily. Please call or stop by our Anoka or Bloomington, MN location and we can check on what we have for options for you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the TireZoo of Anoka and Bloomington, MN!

Holiday Hours for both Bloomington and Anoka, MN Locations
  • OPEN Friday, December 23, 2016 (regular hours)
  • CLOSED Saturday, December 24, 2016
  • CLOSED Sunday, December 25, 2016
  • OPEN Monday, December 26, 2016 (regular hours)
  • OPEN Saturday, December 31, 2016 (regular hours)
  • CLOSED Sunday, January 1, 2017
  • CLOSED Monday, January 2, 2017
  • OPEN Tuesday, January 3, 2017 (regular hours)


Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

car ready for winter

Check wiper blades. Your wiper blades need to function during snow storms, as well as periodic warm trends when mud and slush are flying around on the roadways. 

Fill wiper fluid. Good wipers and plenty of washer fluid is essential to safe driving.

Find your ice scraper. Have a sturdy ice scraper and brush in your vehicle to reduce time spent trying to clean off fresh snow and ice.

Change your oil. Not only does motor oil tend to be thicker in colder weather, but who wants to run errands during the coldest of months. Get your oil changed so you don’t have to worry about it for a while.

Check your tire tread. Check over your tires for any damage, check proper inflation, and check the tread. Winter is the time when tires need to be functioning at peek levels. Stop in if we can help you with anything tire related.

Keep a full tank of gas. Hopefully moisture doesn’t find its way into your gas tank, but the best defense is not letting your gas tank get too low during the coldest of weather. When possible, a full tank of gas is best. It’s also safer should you unexpectedly get stuck alongside the road.

Winter survival gear is a must. Get a winter survival kit in your car, along with extra warm clothing for every family member, blankets, and a shovel. Don’t leave home without it.

Here is some more information about driving in Minnesota during the winter from the MN Department of Public Safety.

Searching for information about “bulging sidewall on tire”?

bulging sidewall on tireAnything that resembles a bulge, bubble, bump, or unusual appearance on a tire needs your immediate attention. A bulging sidewall on a tire means the internal integrity of the tire has been compromised. Damage has been done inside the tire where you likely can’t see it. However, the damage causes thin areas in the rubber of the tire which is where the bulging is visible. 

Tires are constructed of layers from the inside out. The number of internal parts and layers of belts inside the tire is complex, but all the components together provide a quality tire that allows for durability, longevity, proper handling, and a quieter ride. You want quality tires on your vehicle, and proper tread is only one important part of the tires on your vehicle. Tires that are good from the inside out is another!

Why would there be a bulging sidewall on tire?

The bulging sidewall on a tire is usually the result of hitting a pothole, running into to curb or over a hard angled surface, and can also happen if you’ve driven on your tire while flat or improperly inflated. 

It is not safe to continue driving on a tire you’ve noticed is bulging. The rubber on the tire is very thin in the area you notice bulging, which means it could blow out at anytime creating a dangerous driving situation.

We’re always happy to check over your tires and let you know if we notice anything unusual or concerning. We can check your tread life and match any existing tires so you don’t have to replace more than necessary; stop in at either our Bloomington or Anoka location.