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DIY Car Cleaning Tips

car cleaning tips and tricksCarpools and frequent family trips in the car can mean a build up of dirt and grime in the vehicle. With warmer temps here, we are all itching to clean out our  vehicles. There are lots of tips and tricks for cleaning your vehicle yourself. Whether they all work or not, you’ll have to decide.

Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  • A small amount of toothpaste is supposed to work well to remove crayon from plastic or vinyl.
  • Designate a bag or container in your vehicle for garbage.
  • Keep a small container of wet wipes in your vehicle for sticky fingers and small messes.
  • Use Q tips, toothbrushes, kids paint brushes or small sponge paint brushes to clean out vents and other small detail areas.
  • Use a plastic putty knife to remove stickers from windows or plastic surfaces. Use a plastic putty knife to remove sticky candy from carpet. A boiling water on a rag enough to create some steam can be placed on an item stuck to the carpet for easier removal after a few minutes.
  • Keep a Tide Stain Stick in your vehicle to remove small spots and spills from upholstery.
  • Moist Bounce dryer sheets are said to easily remove bugs off the headlights, etc.

Let us know if these tips work for you and if you have any to add to this list that was compiled from all kinds of ideas across the web. If you are wondering about cleaning your tires, you may be interested in “Look at Those Pretty Tires”.