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Buying Used Tires in Minnesota

buying used tiresWhy would someone be buying used tires?

Is this a good idea in Minnesota?

Is there good reason to buy used tires instead of new?

There are plenty of reasons to think about buying used tires

We sell many quality used tires everyday. Our customers sometimes share why they decided to buy used instead of new tires, and here are a few of their reasons:

  • They were low on cash and couldn’t afford new. A tight budget is a tight budget. Quality used tires were a very good option for some who just didn’t have the funds.
  • They blew out one tire and didn’t want to replace them all. With such a large inventory, we can almost always match their existing tire exactly so customers don’t have to replace all four.
  • They were not sure how long their vehicle had left. With a vehicle on its last leg, so to speak, used tires can be a great idea. Customers have told us they have high mileage on their vehicles and can’t justify putting all new tires on.
  • They had a lease return that was due in a few months. In the case of worn tires on a leased car, the TireZoo has helped find tires that will pass lease inspection.
  • Their car was having front-end issues that they couldn’t afford to fix right at the time, and it was wearing poorly on the tires; better on used than brand new tires.
  • They were just plain hard on tires and said they tend to blow them out before the tread wears out. Some drive vehicles for unusual purposes or over hazards; off-road, potholes, rough terrain, etc.
  • They wanted to save money on like-new tires! Many times we have “like new” take off sets of tires, and customers just want to save money.

The Tire Zoo offers a 30 day warranty on all used tires. Many people worry about the quality of used tires, but we have only a 5% return rate on used tires. That is extremely low. The Tire Zoo has been assisting with new and used tires for over 3 decades. Check us out today!