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Handling Winter Driving the Best You Can

handling winter driving mn

Here are 7 tips to give you the edge on winter driving

  1. Maintain your tires; proper care is best.
  2. Check tire pressure, especially in the frigid cold temps.
  3. Check the tread on your tires; here’s how.
  4. Check manufacture date; Look for DOT, then a series of numbers with a four digit number at the end signalling a week and year the tire was manufactured. (1413 would be the 14th week of the 2013 year)
  5. Decide if replacing your all season tires with winter tires is best for your vehicle and situation.
  6. Put a winter survival kit in your vehicle. Here is a list of some items that should be in it.
  7. Check out the current winter driving conditions and apps available from the MN DOT.