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All Season Tire Co.

All Season TireAre you looking for All Season Tire of Bloomington?

You’ve found us!

The TireZoo in Bloomington is a division of All Season Tire. The TireZoo is our collective online name, that includes our Anoka location. Here’s a little story about our name.

“My wife and I have used All Season Tire for the past 10 years when purchasing both new and used tires and also for our tire repair needs. There is never pressure to purchase the most expensive tires that you often will find at 99% of all other tire shops. They outfit your vehicle with superior quality tires that also fit into your budget, they take the time to explain everything to you and answer your questions, and serve all of their customers with honesty and integrity. We plan on using them for many years to come.”  Brian J.

“We have been outfitting mine and my families tires with All Season Tire for years. Their knowledge of what you need when you explain what you do with your vehicle is second to none. Forget being sold the top of the line tire to pad commissions, when a $70 Radial is all you need. I seriously couldn’t recommend these guys higher.‎” TM