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A Travel Game That is Also a Snack: Edible Travel Game

Edible Travel GameIf you are planning a long road trip, you know you have kids to entertain. They can also burn through all the snack quickly, so why not give this game a try.

Edible Travel Game

Preparation: Fill an easy to open ziplock bag or container with a variety of items such as peanuts, cereals, raisins, marshmallows, dried fruits, fruit snacks, seeds, etc. The key is to use very small items and a wide variety.

The Game: Explain that the kids need to watch for something specific out their window to match up the letters in the snack. For older kids, you could make them watch for license plates or road signs. When they have a match, they call it out, and then can eat that item. For example, “I see a pig, so I’m going to eat a pretzel!” or “I spy an California license plate, so I’m going to eat a cashew.”

The winner are the parents and driver of the vehicle, who have happy kids content to stay busy and eat a snack.

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