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Archives for February 2018

The TireZoo: Tire Stores That Fit Your Needs and Schedule

Tire Places for Savings

With so many tire places to choose from, how do you refine your search to meet your tire needs? Not all tire stores are the same. Some auto repair places also carry a line or two of a specific brand of new tires, but don’t necessarily specialize in tires. Having new tires available is a convenience for their customers, but doesn’t provide many price comparison opportunities.

Some tire stores only have used tires, and others only carry new tires. While some people know exactly what they need, others aren’t sure until they talk to a tire specialist who can help them decide what they need. At the TireZoo, we listen and sell customers what only they need.

Deciding Between Tire Stores? Choose The TireZoo!

The TireZoo is a unique tire place in that we carry both new and used tires. We also carry most major brand of tires, as well as some lesser known brands. Our tire store is independently owned and operated, and therefore isn’t limited to the brands of tires we carry at either of our two store locations.

Because of our large inventory of new and used tires, our customers have many options to meet their needs. We can help you find more affordable options, and only replace what you need. If only one tire is bad, why replace them all? Our tire specialists will help locate a tire with similar tread life for the make and model needed.

A Tire Place You Can Trust

“Love this tire place! I highly recommend buying used tires from TireZoo. The tread looks more new than used, the price was amazing, and the staff – truly kindhearted! THANKS, YOU ROCK!” 

– Christina Ramsey

“Don’t go anywhere else. They have the best prices and the fastest service bar-none. Why go to a big box tire store when you can support a local business!” 

– James L.

Two Metro Area Tire Places to Meet Your Needs

Our TireZoo Anoka Store
Our TireZoo Bloomington Store

Need Discount Tires? Shop Our Used Tire Inventory and Save

Discount Tires

Looking for quality used discount tires to ease your expenses this month? The TireZoo offers you multiple ways to save when buying tires, so your purchase doesn’t break the bank. Our everyday, affordable used tire prices will be the savings you’re looking for!

Look no further for discount tires; the TireZoo can help!

Don’t Discount the Quality of Used Tires

The used tires we sell at the TireZoo are very good quality, and many times are “like new”. Our inventory is large, but changes continually. Customers can save a considerable amount of money by opting for used tires rather than new. That’s why we offer such a large selection of used tires. Don’t automatically discount used tires, just because you’ve always purchased new. Learn more about where our used tires originate from.

Less Tires Needed is Another Great Discount

Not buying something you don’t need, always saves you money. There’s no greater discount tires than spending nothing; meaning that you should only buy what you need and we’ll help! If you don’t need to buy an entire set of four replacement tires, why do it? A large inventory of used tires means we can match the tread on any existing tires that can remain on your vehicle. Buy only one tire if that’s what you need. You can buy only two tires for the front or back of your car, if for some reason two wore differently than two other tires on your vehicle.  We offer very upfront pricing, so you always know what the total cost of tires, tax, and mounting/balancing will be. No surprises! Plus, we warranty all used tires for 30 days after the purchase and installation on your vehicle!

“Last time I purchased new off-brand tires and paid $1,000. This time I went to TireZoo and got a set of Michelin tires with 75% of the original tread wear remaining for $300. Now that’s a discount!” 

– Brian T.

Additional Discounts Available at the TireZoo