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Archives for November 2017

Odd Traffic Laws: Do They Still Exist?

odd traffic lawsEven though they were made many, many years ago, there are still some bizarre and ridiculous rules of the road still in existence. Over time states address the odd laws, so if you know about any of these that have some documented proof one way or another, please share it on our Facebook page! Let’s have some fun.

  • In Nevada, is it really illegal to ride a camel on the highway? Is there a large camel population in Nevada?
  • Driving barefoot is illegal in Alabama. Got to admit; this one sounds feasible.
  • In Massachusetts, will you be ticketed if you drive with a gorilla in the backseat of your car? Was this a thing at one time?
  • In Sag Harbor, New York, it is illegal to take off your clothes in your vehicle. Seems like a reasonable law, although this should really fall into the common sense category, right? 
  • Don’t honk your horn in Oxford, Mississippi – you’ll scare the horses. This seems to have some merit.
  • It is illegal to strap your dog to your roof in Alaska. If this law is true, why would this seem like a logical way to transport a dog anyway?
  • Unless you are digging a grave or putting someone in one, it is illegal to drive in a cemetery in parts of North Carolina. Really?
  • In both Tennessee and California, is it really illegal to shoot any animal from your car – unless it’s a whale? And that folks may be how the whale population was thinned out in Tennessee. Either that or that fact there isn’t any ocean around the state of Tennessee. 
  • The ice cream man has been banned in Indianola, Iowa. If true, I bet there is a story there!
  • In Minneapolis, red cars may NOT be driven down Lake Street? Makes you want to head to Lake Street and watch for red cars not aware of this, right?
  • You can’t dirty up the road in Minnetonka? If true, you’ll want to leave your mud, dirt and sticky substances at home or you’ll be fined.
  • So you think it’s true that you don’t need a windshield on your car in MN because it’s not specifically required anywhere in Minnesota statute? Well in the land of snow and ice, windshields sure are helpful!

Do you know of another odd driving law? Chime in on our Facebook page. 

Closed on Thanksgiving

The TireZoo will be closed at both locations (Anoka and Bloomington) on Thanksgiving Day. We will be open regular hours on Friday, November 24. Happy Thanksgiving!


Time to Refresh the Winter Survival Kit

Winter Survival KitIf you haven’t assembled a winter survival kit yet, here’s a list of items you may want to consider keeping in your vehicle during the long, cold months. 

If you already have a winter survival kit it’s good to review a few of the contents and make sure they are useful should they be needed.

Winter Survival Items to Check if they Need Replacing

  • Food and/or water- Check expiration dates. If you don’t remove your kit during the hot months, chances are any food items are a bit funky or water got used.
  • Batteries- Batteries in flashlights, battery operated flares, etc 
  • Emergency contact numbers- have any changed?
  • Salt/sand supply- was it depleted last season? Is there enough should you need it?

Besides checking on the condition of the above supplies, make sure your other items haven’t been removed or used for another purpose. It’s important to have a shovel and jumper cables in your trunk, along with very warm blankets and winter gear. To check on conditions of Minnesota roads, you can go to MN 511

Used Tire Warranty: Don’t Break the Bank on Better Tires!

 used tire warranty

You get a 30 day guarantee on used tires

  • We stand behind what we sell.
  • You get a warranty on all used tires for 30 days!
  • Customers trust the quality of our used tires.
  • Call within the first 30 days of purchase, and we’ll make it right.

Many Ways to Save on Tires and Be Safer on the Winter Roads

  • Only buy what you need. We’ll help you determine the quality of your tires and find options to replace only the tires that need replacing.
  • With a large used tire inventory at both our locations, you will often have choices; you pick what you’re looking for.
  • 10% Discounts for Military and Students, along with other specials available here.
  • No hidden costs; we provide upfront pricing so you know what the total cost will be to buy the tires, have them balanced, installed, and tax. 

We’re not like other places that sell used tires “as is”. If something happens, you can call us or stop back within the first 30 days of purchase. We have locations in Anoka and BloomingtonVisit us today! No appointments necessary!

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Thank You, Veterans!

We want to take a moment to thank all veterans for their service to our country. Please ask for a 10% military discount anytime you are at either of our locations.