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Memorial Day 2017

Have a safe Memorial Day and holiday weekend. The TireZoo in Anoka and Bloomington will be open shorter hours, 9AM until 1PM on Saturday, May 27th.

Both locations will be closed Sunday (28th) and Monday (29th) in honor of the holiday. 

We will be open regular hours on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

memorial day hours for the tirezoo

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow Road Game- Trip Scavenger Hunt (click and print)

Rainbow Road Trip Game Scavenger Hunt Free

Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

  1. Spring Vehicle Maintenance ChecklistWash thoroughly. The salt used on roads in Minnesota during the winter is very hard on vehicles and needs to be washed off well, including undersides of wheel-wells, etc. 
  2. Replace wiper blades if you haven’t replaced them since last summer. At the very least, check them over.
  3. Refill window washer fluid.
  4. Check your tires over for low tread, bulges, proper inflation.
  5. Check over your spare tire to make sure its in satisfactory condition, bolts holding it in place haven’t rusted, and it’s properly inflated.
  6. Time for an oil change and any other regularly scheduled maintenance according to your vehicle manual.
  7. Peel off any of last year’s stickers and seasonal passes from the windshield.
  8. Check your glove compartment box for most recent proof on insurance.
  9. Take care of any service-now sensors or check engine lights that have come on.
  10. Test your air conditioner before you need it.


What you would you add to this list? Let us know if we can help make sure you reliable tires on your vehicle. 

8 Things that Should Not Go in the Garbage When Cleaning the Garage

cleaning the garage what not to dispose of in the garbageSpring cleaning the garage is on a lot of people’s to do list. As you tackle projects big and small, make sure that certain items are properly disposed of and don’t go into the garbage. 

  1. Used Motor Oil: Never dump motor oil into the soil or throw into the garbage. Find out a repair shop, hardware store, or hazardous waste facility nearest you. Some places are looking for used oil to recycle, and there may be a fair amount of resources available near you to put the oil back to use.
  2. Paint and Paint Thinners: Unless the paint containers are empty, dry, and without a lid, don’t put them into the garbage. Ask at your local paint store where they can be dropped or bring them to a household hazardous waste facility.
  3. Tires: Tires are recyclable and should not be burned or thrown in the garbage. The TireZoo accepts old tires for a small fee, so drop them off during business hours.
  4. Child Car Seats: Car seats are recyclable. Learn more about where to recycle in Minnesota
  5. Batteries: Drop old batteries at a facility that accepts batteries. Keep a collection can and recycle when full.
  6. Organic Matter: If you have a large pile of leaves and other organic matter that has found its way into your garage over time and needs to be swept into a pile, make sure it isn’t again your garbage service policy or local ordinance to dispose of it in the garbage. 
  7. Old Electronics: If you have a small pile of outdated electronics such as a television, VCR, game station, chargers, etc, they are recyclable.
  8. Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Need to be recycled.