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Archives for July 2016

Finding a used tire size 245-70-16 for a quality used tire 245-70-16? Maybe you need two or more? Check with the TireZoo first, as we have a very large inventory of quality used tires in many brands and sizes. The TireZoo has two locations; in Bloomington and Anoka, so start by checking for a 245-70-16 at the location closest to you. Chances are we’ll have what you’re looking for! 

It’s 1pm. Do You Know Where Your Spare Tire is?

tire jack spare tireYour spare tire has a very important job. It needs to be ready to jump into action if and when it’s required. Luckily, most spare tires get very little use. However, when spare tires are needed they have to be ready.

Here are a few key questions you need to answer so you’re ready in the case of a flat tire.

  • Do you have a spare tire? Many new vehicles now days don’t automatically come with a spare tire. Don’t assume you have one.
  • Do you know where your spare tire is stored? Do you know how to access it? Have you tried recently to make sure a bolt isn’t rusted or a tool needed to dislodge it from storage?
  • Is your spare tire in working condition? Is there proper air pressure? Is there any tire rot, cracking, etc that has set in on a tire that hasn’t seen daylight in years?
  • Do you have a jack? A spare tire is great, until you don’t have a way to take the flat tire off the vehicle and put the other one on.

If you need a good, used tire to serve as a spare, stop by the Tire Zoo and we’ll find you one that will work.

Random Acts of Kindness

random acts of kindness ideasIf you’ve ever experienced road trouble or a flat tire and been on the receiving end of a kind Samaritan, you know the relief that can come from someone helping you out of an undesirable situation. Maybe you’ve had your coffee paid for by the person ahead of you and know the feeling of a restored sense of humanity.

While National Random Acts of Kindness Day is in February, every day provides an opportunity to be kind to one another and offer a nice gesture when opportunity arises. You can certainly buy someone’s meal or cup of coffee, but random acts of kindness (or decency) don’t have to cost a thing!

Here’s a few random acts of kindness ideas that can have a positive, ripple effect:

  • Keep your patience and temper in check while driving in traffic. Not reacting to others’ obnoxious driving helps keep everyone else on the road with you safe.
  • Hold the door open for someone, say “hello”, and offer a smile. We all need more polite people throughout our day.
  • If you have a flexible schedule and time allows, try letting someone else go ahead of you in line for service or check out.
  • Throw a compliment out to someone who appears they may need a word of encouragement to get him/her through the day.
  • Go out of your way to say “thank you” to a service person such as the mail carrier, garbageman, teacher, or anyone else you encounter. Go the extra mile and send out a thank-you card to someone whose service you really appreciate and have been helping you for years.

What ideas do you have or try to do for others? Post it on our Facebook Page!

Happy 4th of July from the TireZoo

We want to wish you a very happy Independence Day! Both locations of the TireZoo in Anoka and Bloomington will be closed on Monday, July 4, 2016 in observance of the holiday. We will reopen regular business hours on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 9am.