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Archives for June 2016

Searching for a Used 245 65 17 Tire?

IUsed 245-30-22 Tiresf you are searching for a specific tire, like a 245 65 17 sized or other, the TireZoo will help you find what you need.

You have three options for located a specific used tire

Three ways to find out what we have in-stock for used 245 65 17 tires.

Contact: Fill out this quick form with 245 65 17 tires in the comment field.

Call: Either of our Minnesota locations in Anoka 800.421.2037 or Bloomington 800.761.2013 to speak with a tire specialist who can get back to you while on the phone.

6 Indicators Your Tire Could Blow Out

avoid tire blow outA tire blow out isn’t fun. At best, it’s an inconvenience. At worst, it’s a safety hazard. Keeping your tires in good condition is the best prevention. So, what do you look for that may indicate trouble ahead for one or more of your tires?

Check your tires for one of these issues

  1. A bulge anywhere on the tire isn’t normal. A bulge often indicates internal damage to the tire, and needs your attention right away.
  2. Look for any debris, even small things. If you find anything that appears to be embedded, have your tire repaired immediately- even if it isn’t losing air.
  3. Low tread, balding tires, and/or uneven wear can lead to a tire blow out.
  4. Darn those pot holes! If you have hit a pot hole or any other obstacle, it’s possible to do damage to your tire where you can’t easily see it. Avoid hitting pot holes and report them to the authorities. Stop by and let us know if you question the safety of your tires.
  5. Cracking tires from age, sun, or elements isn’t a good thing. Get them replaced.
  6. Bad stems can lead to problems too. Check over the condition of the tire stems.


Stop by the TireZoo and let us take a look at any tires you’re not sure about. We want to make sure you’re safe on the road!

How to Make a Tire Swing

directions on how to make a tire swingIf you need an old tire to make a tire swing, stop by the TireZoo in Anoka or Bloomington and let us know. We send all expired tires to get recycled, but we can usually find you one.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to be vigilant about emptying the swing of water after it rains so mosquitoes don’t get a chance to breed. As long as you keep the tire empty or put a mosquito deterrent inside the tire, you’ll be good to go.

The nice thing about tire swings is that they are inexpensive and can fit more than one child at a time.

how to make a tire swingHow to Make a Tire Swing

Gather an old tire, drill ,3 long eye bolts, 3 large washers, 3 nuts that fit the eye bolts, at least 4 connectors, and 4 pieces of chain (3 evenly matched, and the 4th long enough to go around the tree limb or play-set.

Drill three evenly spaced holes around the perimeter of the tire. Put one eye bolt through the top of each hold, using a large washer and nut from the inside to hold the bolt in place.

Thread a connector through the eye bolt and the chain; do this three times and then connect all the chains together to the main chain to hang the swing. See picture at right.

Note: Pick heavy chain that is safe and durable, and won’t rust. You can get all these items at any hardware store. They will cut the chain to the length you need.