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Memorial Day 2016

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Looking for Used 245-30-22 Tires?

Used 245-30-22 TiresThe TireZoo can help you find quality used tires in any quantity of 1, 2, 3, or 4 to match any existing tires. Three ways to find out what we have in-stock for 245 30 22.

Contact: Fill out this quick form with “used 245 30 22 tire” in the comment field

Call: Either of our Minnesota locations in Anoka 800.421.2037 or Bloomington 800.761.2013 to speak with a tire technician who can get back to you while on the phone.

Monthly Checklist for Car and Tire Maintenance

While there may be other things that your vehicle manual suggests you do each month, the following items are a good rule of thumb to help insure proper car and tire maintenance.

Monthly Checklist

  • Check your oil level
  • Watch for recalls and make an appointment
  • Monitor dash/warning indicator lights and make an appointment
  • Check tire pressure; use the pressure indicated in the driver’s side door panel
  • Check tire tread
  • Check anti-freeze/coolant level

If you aren’t sure about something, don’t keep driving without consulting a professional. If you have any questions about tires, tire pressure, tread, or tire maintenance, stop by the TireZoo in Anoka or Bloomington, MN. We’re happy to help.

Used 235 60 17 Tires

used 235-60-17 tiresSo you’re looking for used 235-60-17 tires? TireZoo of Anoka and Bloomington, MN is your place! We carry the largest used tire inventory in the upper Midwest. With thousands of used tires in stock, we can provide you with all your used tire options for the brand and size you need.

You have four options for checking what we have in stock for used 235-60-17 tires:
  1. Call either of our locations and one of our tire specialists can check what we have in stock (Anoka: 763-421-2004) or (Bloomington: 952-884-9343)
  2. Stop in either of our locations
  3. Send us a form with what you’re looking for.

Thanks for shopping the TireZoo of Minnesota!