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Archives for March 2016

Pot Hole Season Is Here

pot hole tire damageBefore we know it, road construction around the area will be in full swing and some roads will be considerably less traveled for many months. While some road repairs are significant, pot hole repairs are fairly quick. Given the sheer number of them our crazy weather and road conditions create, it can take some time for cities, counties, and state entities to get to them.

Do report pot holes in your area to the authorities, as they can cause damage to your tires and vehicle. They can also cause accidents and unsafe swerving.

Here’s a great resource for reporting pot holes in MN on state highways.

Used 225/70/15 Tires

225/70/15 tiresIf you know the size tire you need and you are looking to buy used 225/70/15 tires, the TireZoo is your first stop to save money. We have a very large inventory of used tires. Some people are only looking to replace one damaged tire, while others had front end issues and only need to replace two tires. Whether you need one, two, three, or four 225/70/15 sized tires, give us a call and we’ll give you your options.

No appointment necessary, just stop in and see what we have.

Take Aim: A Tire Target is the Perfect Place to Practice Skills

stack old tires to practice aim and skillsSpring training is here for major league baseball. Little league, high school, and college spring sports will start soon too. With all the practice required, an old tire can offer the perfect place to practice aim when practicing baseball, softball, or lacrosse.

A Tire Target is the Way to Go!

Instead of always rounding up additional people to practice, a tire offers a designated target area and damage-resistant surface that can take multiple practice shots.

A large net, like a hockey or soccer ball net, works well to capture balls, but isn’t as defined as the center hole of a tire. Placing a tire in front of a net is the optimal practice set-up, but positioning and height of the tire need to be adjusted. Not sure if the ball is going through? Light weight paper targets can be taped to the center of the tire for proof of accuracy.

practice tire target