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Anoka Location Closed Halloween 2015

Due to Anoka’s Halloween Capital of the World festivities and community celebration, the Anoka TireZoo location will be closed all day on Saturday, October 31, 2015. Our Bloomington location will remain open.

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Aftermarket Tires and Rims

aftermarket tires and rimsHave you heard the term “aftermarket tires” or “aftermarket rims” mentioned in ads or advice columns? Maybe you’ve been given a recommendation regarding aftermarket tires, but don’t quite understand what that means.

What aftermarket tires and rims actually refers to putting tires and/or rims on a vehicle that did not originally come with the vehicle. However, be careful of blanket statements about if and how to use aftermarket tires, as each vehicle and situation can vary. The replacement tire may be pressurized differently than the original tire. However, to ensure that the TPMS sensors read correctly, it is more important to go with the vehicle’s recommended tire pressure which can be found on the door jam sticker right inside the driver’s side door.

If you have questions about what size tire you need or buying replacement tires for your vehicle (new or used), the Tire Zoo will help you find what you need. Just stop by or give us a call.



What Parts of a Car Can You Recycle?

Recycle car parts and other items used in your vehicle:

  • Tires: Tires are recycled and should not be stored on property. You can check with your local area for tire drop off locations. The TireZoo accepts old tires for a $3 fee/tire and makes sure the tires get a new purpose.
  • Car Seats: Infant seats and child booster seats can be recycled. If you live in Minnesota, you have limited options, but you can recycle.
  • Oil: It gets dirty and needs to be cleaned, but it’s still oil. If you get your oil changed, it’s already being disposed of on your behalf. If you change oil yourself, take it to a certified collection center in your area.
  • License Plates: Are usually considered scrap metal. You can look for a place that accepts scrap metal or check with your local DMV for area-specific collection/recycling programs.
  • Oil and Air Filters: Filters are recyclable and most waste collection facilities do not want you throwing them in the trash. Check with your local recycle center or a certified oil collection center for a list of resources.
  • Car Batteries: Check with our local recycle center for recycling car batteries, as well as other miscellaneous household batteries.
  • Device Chargers: Look for cord collection sites, similar to holiday lights collection. Ask at your local recycle center, or at recycle programs that accept electronics like Best Buy.

What Do Bald Tires Look Like

What Do Bald Tires Look LikeIt is possible to have a tire that isn’t bald with plenty of tread, but isn’t safe to use.

It is possible to have a newer tire with a recent manufacture date that has tread worn down enough to consider it bald or unsafe to use.

And, of course, it is possible to have a tire that is both old and bald.

So, what do bald tires look like?

Bald tires are considered tires without sufficient tread. Any tires with less tread than recommended are considered bald. Tires without enough tread are dangerous both from a vehicle handling standpoint, as well as an increased likelihood of a tire blow out.

Some bald tires are very apparent, because they are smooth. Other tires may be a bit deceiving to the untrained eye, but are also bald. Need more proof? Read Consumer Reports on bald tires.

In Minnesota and many other parts of the country, winter means extra hazardous driving conditions that require as much assistance as possible. Tires that are bald or near bald are not helpful on icy or snow packed roads. Please address your tires before the winter weather arrives!

If you aren’t sure, stop by the TireZoo and let us take a look.


Looking for 175 70 R14 Tires?

175 70 R14The TireZoo can help you find matching, quality used tires.

Three ways to find out what we have in-stock for 175 70 R14.

Contact: Fill out this quick form with 175 70 R14 in the comment field

Call: Either of our Minnesota locations in Anoka 800.421.2037 or Bloomington 800.761.2013 to speak with a tire specialist who can get back to you while on the phone.