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Archives for July 2015

A Good College Car is One With Good Tires

a good college car with good tiresYou can find the a good college car in great condition, with excellent gas mileage, but if it has poor tires it can leave you stranded. Whether you stick with the vehicle you have or deal on a different one before heading off to college, make sure you check the tires over well.

Check the tread depth and air pressure. Look them over for any unusual wear or bulges. If the tires seem to look fine, do one last thing. Check how old they are.

If you question your tires or are unsure of their quality, stop by the TireZoo in Anoka or Bloomington and have one of our tire specialists take a look. In cases of needing only one new tire (or another odd number like two or three) to match existing tires, the Tire Zoo can locate a tire of similar tread life so that you’ll be safer on the road. Together, we’ll make sure good tires turn “a good college car” into a GREAT college car!

Scenic Byways in Minnesota

scenic byways in minnesotaLooking for a beautiful day drive or a longer drive through Minnesota’s most scenic areas? Minnesota has multiple designated scenic byways throughout the state that span for hundreds of miles. All you have to do is decide which one you want to see first, and then prepare for your epic road trip.

Here is a few fan favorites of the Scenic Byways in Minnesota:

The North Shore Scenic Byway

Minnesota River Valley Scenic Byway

St. Croix Scenic Byway

For a full list of byways that include towns, historic sites, and other notable places along the way, go to

Before you head out for our road trip, make sure you check over your vehicle and take a few other precautions. Here is a handy list to help prevent you from spending time on the side of the road.

Getting Ready for Summer Vacation

getting ready for summer vacationHave you considered using Pinterest to help you prepare yourselves and kids for the long car ride ahead? The beauty of Pinterest doesn’t just reside in creative crafts and fun art. Pinterest is a collection of great ideas people have tried to practically and cleverly solve everyday challenges like how to make healthy and easy to eat foods for the car. There’s a plethora of ideas on games and entertainment for the road, as well as how to clean out the aftermath using ingenious life hacks.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for getting ready for summer vacation and long car rides

  1. Put cords and chargers in closable sandwich bags and label with a marker whose it is. This is especially helpful if you have multiple people and devices that use different cords. It also prevents the cords getting tangled up, in a big messy pile.
  2. Use an empty paper towel tube to mark sections and then wrap ear buds around so they stay organized, protected, and untangled.
  3. A small craft organizing tote or fishing tackle tray with a lid works great for a variety of small, dry finger foods like cereal, nuts, raisins, pretzels, etc.
  4. Small, flat, and medal cookie sheets work great as a surface to write or draw. They double as a magnetic board for activities and games.
  5. A pack of baby wipes works great to wash hands and clean up messes along the way. Get the kind with a seal-able lid. Some packs are made thin enough to store under the seat until you need them.

For more helpful travel tips and ideas, snacks and hacks, visit our Pinterest boards dedicated to ideas to make your summer vacation travel more enjoyable. Don’t forget to check your tires before you take off. Have a great vacation!

Tire Pressure Light On

Do you know which light indicates a possible issue with tire pressure? There are quite a few dashboard lights, but vehicles use the same icons to indicate possible vehicle or tire problems. Most of today’s vehicles have tire pressure sensors and corresponding tire pressure icons that light up when there is a change in pressure.

tire pressure light onThis icon is your tire pressure light and when it is on, you should consult your manual for proper tire pressure and test your tires. If you are not sure how to do this or have done this and can’t locate an issue, bring your vehicle to the TireZoo to see if there is a problem with your tire(s). It is possible the tire isn’t holding air.

A tire that is perpetually low, despite your efforts to keep it properly inflated needs attention. The longer you drive on a tire without proper pressure (inflation), the more likely you will do damage to the tire. You want to get the most longevity possible out of your tires, and loss of tire pressure can be a simple fix.

The TireZoo fixes tires that are “fixable” and can offer you less expensive used tire options to replace a bad tire and match the existing tires. We want you safe and back on the road; not worried about tire trouble.

We offer a coupon to fix a tire, which you can print here.

Happy 4th of July

The TireZoo wishes you a safe 4th of