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Archives for March 2015

Cleaning Out the Garage

Has a season of dashing to and from the warm house left your garage in a bit of a mess? Maybe your garage wasn’t all that great last fall before the weather changed. Either way, the warmer spring days will hopefully inspire you to throw up the garage door, purge what you don’t need, and find a better system for organizing what you want to keep.

cleaning out the garage

Here are some handy tips for cleaning out the garage:

Empty: Take everything out of the garage to give you space to work and time to think. It’s helpful to see your entire space. You’ll be surprised how much space you have, even in smaller garages, without anything in there.

Sort: Make piles of things to keep, store, donate, and throw. Your keep pile are things you are going to keep in the garage. The store pile are things that you are going to keep, but need to go elsewhere. Donate are the items still in workable condition that you can give to someone else to use, and of course the throw pile are the items that simply need to be recycled or thrown in the trash.

Clean: Take the time to sweep the floor, deal with any oil spills, and wash the windows. Sweep down cobwebs, change light bulbs, and take care of any building maintenance you can’t reach or do easily with the garage full. Now is the time to install some shelving, counter tops, or peg board to help you with organizing.

Organize: Organize your keep pile so that themes appear. You’ll be able to tell how much stuff you have in each category and what will work best to organize and store the items. Any hardware store will have lots of storage containers, hardware, and items needed to tidy up your garage.

If you have old tires that need to be disposed, the Tire Zoo (both locations) will accept them for a small $3 fee per tire. If you have quality new or used tires you’d like to sell, stop by and let us take a look. We can make an offer.


Spring Tire Tips

Let’s hear it for Spring! Good-bye icy roads and treacherous driving. Hello potholes? Ugh. The cold can do a number on roads and on your tires. Potholes slowly creep up everywhere, and by spring we drive a gauntlet of holes to get from place to place.

With as many potholes as there are throughout Minnesota, chances are you’ll hit one. Road crews will be out fixing them, but it won’t come soon enough. If you’ve inadvertently hit a few potholes, it’s important to check your tires. The best spring tire tips we can give you is that sometimes hitting a pothole can damage the inside of your tire where you can’t see. Let your TireZoo crew check out your tires and help keep you safe on the road this spring!

You’ll also want to remove your snow tires if you’ve had them put on and swap out with your regular tires.

Be sure to check your tread and tire pressure too.

The TireZoo  in Bloomington and Anoka can help make sure your tires are ready for Spring. Stop by and see us today!

spring tire tips tirezoo

Travel Scavenger Hunt Game

Download and print in .pdf form here
Travel Scavenger Hunt Game

Used Tires South Dakota, Here We Come!

used tires south dakotaHello South Dakota!

South Dakota is one of the seven states the TireZoo has added to its NEW used tire shipping service.

We will ship used passenger, light truck, or trailer tires anywhere in South Dakota for a fee as low as $10 per tire. Shipping costs are subject to current shipping rates to your area, however, we’re committed to scoping out the lowest shipping costs available!

Select exactly the tire and tread depth you need to match existing tires, and we’ll ship it directly to you! You can search our online database or call 800.761.2013 to our Tire Shipping Department and ask for Maddie.

Before you plan your next trip across the great state of South Dakota, make sure your tires are safe. The TireZoo can help!