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Archives for October 2014

Can I Buy Just One Tire?

can i buy just one tire

It’s a simple enough question, yet many people wonder if it is possible to buy just one tire. More than likely, what they really mean is, “is it advised to buy only one new tire for their vehicle?”

Can I buy just one tire, or do I need to replace all four tires at the same time?

The answer is yes, you can buy just one! Life happens and circumstances out of our control dictate what needs to happen. The key is to match your existing tires with a tire with similar wear and tread life. If your other three tires are still in great shape with plenty of tread, but aren’t new, it’s best to find a quality used tire. It will need to be the right size tire, but matching the brand isn’t necessary. However, if matching brands is important to you, the used tire inventory at TireZoo (both locations in Bloomington and Anoka, MN) is vast, and we’ll be able to find you what you need.

Not sure what you need? Stop in and we’ll take a look at your remaining tires and help you determine what you need, get the tire on your car, and have you on your way very quickly!

Proper Tire Disposal

proper tire disposalAs we’re busy cleaning up the garage and yard, getting ready for the long winter ahead, it’s important to consider proper tire disposal. Stacking old tires in a pile behind the shed or in the corner of the garage isn’t a great idea. It’s best to dispose of them, rather than let them pile up. Stacks of tires invite unwanted guests like mice, and if storing outside, you may have a city or county ordinance prohibiting old tires or any larger unused items to be stored in an unsightly manner.

The TireZoo accepts old tires for a minimal disposal fee, and makes it easy for you to get rid of them and avoid dealing with it later. Should you find old tires illegally disposed of on your property or farmland, you should report illegal dumping. Tires are recyclable and made into all kinds of new items and used for a variety of purposes. They should never be thrown in the garbage or left in the environment.

What does the TireZoo do with old tires that have out lasted their initial intended purpose? The TireZoo insures proper tire disposal, and you can read more about it here.

Tires for Winter and Harsh Driving Conditions

tires for winter in MNThe right tire can make all the difference when dealing with harsh winter driving conditions. To say that Minnesota and Upper Midwest driving conditions are challenging is probably the understatement of the year. While some of us may never be ready for winter, it’s imperative that your vehicle and tires are.

Tires for Winter

Whether you stick with your all-season tires or opt for winter tires, also called snow tires, now is the time to make sure they are ready to take on the snow and ice. If you opt not to use snow tires, make sure your current tires are in good condition with enough tread left. Check your tires over for any bulging or damage. Make sure they are properly inflated, and remember that cold weather can alter your tire inflation.

If you think winter tires might be a good option for you, the TireZoo can help you find new or used ones that are right for your vehicle and driving habits. We invite your questions or concerns about winter driving, and we’ll help you find what you need.

“From Bemidji to Anoka,

From Rochester to Roseau, Winter makes us finer folk,

alas we’re modest and can’t say so.”

From Garrison Keillor’s poem, Minnesota Rouser in his book, “O, What a Luxury”  

We can’t control the weather or promise good driving conditions, but our tire technicians can insure all you “finer folk” find the tires you need right away.