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Closed on Labor Day 2014

Both our Bloomington and Anoka locations will be closed on Monday, September 1, 2014 in observance of Labor Day. Have a safe holiday!

Back to School Safety

back to school safetyWith areas schools either back in session or starting right after Labor Day, it’s important that drivers be extra careful and cognizant of children walking, biking, and getting on/off the bus. We all know that kids are easily distracted, so as drivers, we all must watch carefully and help them stay as safe as possible.

Tips for Better Back to School Safety

  • Respect crosswalks.
  • Respect bike lanes.
  • Respect cross guards and time-zone specific rules in school areas.
  • Encourage your own children to be aware of pedestrian and biking rights and rules.
  • Always encourage bike helmets.
  • Participate in Bike to School Day, Walk to School Day, Walking School Bus and other events designed to heighten awareness.
  • Obey School Bus laws. Review laws annually for any changes or additions.

What would you add to this list?

What Happens If I Drive on a Flat Tire?

Tire pressure is so important. It can mean the difference between a road-ready tire, an under or over inflated tire, and a flat tire. While a slightly low or under-inflated tire isn’t the same as a flat tire, it certainly needs your attention. A tire that is perpetually low, despite your efforts to keep it properly inflated needs your attention as well.

Drive on a Flat Tire?

So, what happens if I drive on a flat tire? A flat tire is an immediate concern. The longer you drive on a flat tire, the higher your chances of damaging the wheel and tire. Damaging the tire beyond repair means replacing the tire. If you must drive, go slowly and the least distance possible. It’s much better to put on a spare tire and consult your tire technician at the TireZoo. The most important thing is your safety. Proper tire care and inflation is a critical piece to your safety and others who share the road with you.

Give us a call or stop by either of our locations if you have any concerns about your tires!

How Important is Rotating Tires

how important is rotating tiresRotating your tires is important, because you want them to wear evenly. Tires don’t wear evenly if left in the same spot continuously. Therefore, it’s important to rotate them on a regular basis according to your auto manual or every few oil changes.

Just How Important is Rotating Tires and Why?

Front tires wear more quickly than rear tires. Uneven tire tread thickness will present you with uneven braking and poor handling. Not only does rotating your tires help them to wear evenly, but it prevents you from having to replace tires two at a time. If you buy new tires for the front, and leave existing tires on the back, you’ll have uneven tread thickness. Keeping your tires rotated periodically and then replacing all four at the same time, whether quality used or new tires, will keep handling and braking traction of the car balanced.

The TireZoo in Anoka and Bloomington both offer tire rotation services. If you have lost track of your recent tire rotation schedule or purchased a different vehicle, stop by and let us take a look. We can assess your tires, check tread, rotate them as needed, and/or replace and match any tires with existing tire tread should one or more tires need replacement. We are here for all your tire questions and needs.

A Tire is a Tire, Right?

a-tire-is-a-tireWhen referring to used tires, there is a wide range of difference in tires. While some people use the words used and old tires interchangeably in conversation, there is a distinct difference in quality used tires and tires that have outlived their initial intended purpose.

Used Tires Are Not All the Same

There is also a difference in used tires based on a variety of factors including the condition of the tires, age of the tires, tread left on the tires, internal (cord) damage and bulges, and how the tires have been stored. Simply
put, used tires are not all the same. The danger is in the buyer and/or seller not knowing how to properly store used tires and assess the quality/integrity of the tire inside and out.

Many people run into trouble buying tires online on auction sites. Their intentions are to save money and get a used tire with plenty of life remaining. The TireZoo specializes in a very large inventory of quality used tires in almost every size and brand, so that you can buy entire sets of tires or match one tire to existing tread on other tires. The TireZoo can save you all the money you are looking to save by buying used tires, but take away the headache and worry about what you’re actually getting. Plus, our tire technicians can mount and balance your tires and have you out the door very quickly.Therefore, it is our recommendation that you not purchase used tires from unknown sources, but give us a call or stop by and let us insure your happy, safe, and within your budget.

If you are wondering if a tire on your vehicle is in need of replacement, stop by and let us take a look. We have locations in Bloomington, MN and Anoka, MN (on the south and north side of the Minneapolis- St. Paul metro area)