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Archives for July 2014

Top 3 Popular Blog Posts

shutterstock_130468046As is typical with creating content and blogging, some posts are simply more popular than others. There are three blog posts we’ve published that people continue to read and share.

Since we’ve been blogging over a number of years, we’ve published a considerable amount of interesting and helpful content. Most of the content we publish is timeless, and we spend time updating content and links on older blog posts so that information continues to be helpful to our readers. You may have recently started following our blog or missed these blog posts when they went live. At any rate, these are the three most highest traffic blog posts at this time.

Comparing Today’s Prices to 20 and 40 years ago; This article was published in 2012. The gas prices seem fairly comparable, but the postage stamp has gone up!
Make Cleaning Your Gooey Cup Holder a Snap: Syrupy beverages and gooey cup holders haven’t changed a bit! We’ll probably always battle with this one.
Making a Tire Swing: Kids still love tires swings, and they are still easy and inexpensive to make.

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What’s Your Experience with the TireZoo?

Do you have a story to tell? Randy shared his.

tire zoo story reviews

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Another TireZoo Customer Refers a Friend

Our everyday “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” special applies to any used tires, at either location in Bloomington or Anoka, MN.

tirezoo review

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