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Archives for June 2014

Tire Zoo Part of the Twin Cities Landscape

tire zooSome businesses come and go, but the Tire Zoo has been a part of the north and south part of the Twin Cities landscape for over 34 years! As a locally owned and operated tire business, the TireZoo has served generations of vehicle owners for over three decades. Having been in the Anoka and Bloomington communities this long, we’ve helped parents and children outfit their vehicle with new tires, used tires, and tire repairs time and time again.

Why do so many people comeback to the Tire Zoo?

Why do so many people comeback to the Tire Zoo? One review on Google by Mike says, “…because of how well they’ve taken care of me after the sale, I won’t even shop around. I will just buy tires from them. They are MY tire guys.” Yes, our no pressure approach is appreciated by all demographics. Who wants to buy something they don’t need? Our tire technicians are careful to check over your existing tires and give you honest feedback on remaining life and tread. Because we stock a large inventory of quality used tires and are not tied to any one brand of tire, we can often assist with replacing only the one or two tires that need replacing. We really shine when it comes to matching your existing tires and helping you save money.

A long term customer, Brian, sent us his thoughts on our review form: “My wife and I have used Tire Zoo (Bloomington) for the past 10 years when purchasing both new and used tires and also for our tire repair needs. There is never pressure to purchase the most expensive tires that you often will find at 99% of all other tire shops. They outfit your vehicle with superior quality tires that also fit into your budget. They take the time to explain everything to you, answer your questions, and serve all of their customers with honesty and integrity. We plan on using them for many years to come.”

We invite you to visit us in Anoka or Bloomington and find out for yourselves why we love what we do.

Happy TireZoo Customer

tirezoo bloomington and anoka, mn

To read more reviews or submit your own, visit our TireZoo Review page.

Scenic Drives for a Great Minnesota Road Trip

minnesota road trip ideasFeeling the need to go for a drive?

Looking for vacation ideas closer to home this year?

Need a weekend getaway that you can enjoy via family truckster, motorcycle, camper, or convertible?

Minnesota Road Trip Ideas

Explore Minnesota has a compilation of Scenic Drives and Byways throughout Minnesota that engulfs a variety of terrains and sights.

There are Pinterest boards devoted to Minnesota road trips and things to see and do, like this one.

If you are looking for a simple day trip; somewhere to drive for the day and see something new, WCCO did a story a while back on Minnesota Day Trips that is full of unique ideas.

Before you head out read, “Family Road Trips Begin with a Trip to the Tire Zoo”.

Where is the last place you took a road trip?

DIY Car Cleaning Tips

car cleaning tips and tricksCarpools and frequent family trips in the car can mean a build up of dirt and grime in the vehicle. With warmer temps here, we are all itching to clean out our  vehicles. There are lots of tips and tricks for cleaning your vehicle yourself. Whether they all work or not, you’ll have to decide.

Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  • A small amount of toothpaste is supposed to work well to remove crayon from plastic or vinyl.
  • Designate a bag or container in your vehicle for garbage.
  • Keep a small container of wet wipes in your vehicle for sticky fingers and small messes.
  • Use Q tips, toothbrushes, kids paint brushes or small sponge paint brushes to clean out vents and other small detail areas.
  • Use a plastic putty knife to remove stickers from windows or plastic surfaces. Use a plastic putty knife to remove sticky candy from carpet. A boiling water on a rag enough to create some steam can be placed on an item stuck to the carpet for easier removal after a few minutes.
  • Keep a Tide Stain Stick in your vehicle to remove small spots and spills from upholstery.
  • Moist Bounce dryer sheets are said to easily remove bugs off the headlights, etc.

Let us know if these tips work for you and if you have any to add to this list that was compiled from all kinds of ideas across the web. If you are wondering about cleaning your tires, you may be interested in “Look at Those Pretty Tires”.

When the Tires Hit the Road: Preparing for Summer Vacation

preparing for summer vacation tires hit the roadHeading out for an extended vacation can be hectic ahead of time, as we plan and prepare for our absence from work and home. There always seems to be a growing list of “to do” items, so that we can rest assured later that the coffee maker isn’t still on and the newspapers aren’t piling up on the step.

While each family is different and may have more (or less) things to check off the list, these items should get you started.

Preparing for Summer Vacation

  • Mail- Either stop your mail at the post office, or have a trusted friend stop by and take your mail into your house.
  • Newspapers- Notify your daily/weekly newspaper subscriptions of your dates or have a friend bring your newspapers into the house.
  • Non-essential appliances- Unplug all non-essential appliances. As tempting as it may be, don’t start and run the dryer or dishwasher before you leave.
  • Power/Surge Protectors- Make sure your computers are unplugged or run through a device to protect them from power surges or outages while you are gone. This is good to do anyway!
  • Thermostat– Make sure you turn your thermostat to a maintenance level to conserve energy and money while you are gone.
  • Pets- Make pet care arrangements ahead of time.
  • Tires– Check you tires over for anything that doesn’t look right (foreign objects, cuts, bulges), tire tread and proper inflation.
  • Car Maintenance- It’s a good idea to have your oil changed and wiper fluid filled before you head out. Communicate with your auto mechanic about your road trip and anything that may need repair prior to leaving.
  • Email- Set up auto-responder email for work or volunteer responsibilities while you are gone. Provide back up people/numbers to call in your absence.
  • Credit/Bank Cards- Call your credit card company and/or local bank to let know that you will be using your check/debit cards and credit cards, dates, and destinations so you don’t have the inconvenience of having them denied and trying to remedy while on the road
  • Social Media– Remember that while it’s fun to post pictures and itinerary of your trip, you are communicating with the world that you are gone. If you must, leave out specific dates and details so people aren’t sure if you are still gone or not, when you’ll be home.
  • House Checks– Have a trusted friend or neighbor scheduled to periodically check on your home, specifically your sump pump if there is heavy rains while you are gone.

We wish you a wonderful vacation and safe travels. If our TireZoo crew can be of assistance before you leave, don’t hesitate to stop by and let us check over your tires. What would you add to this list?