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Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Over the winter, not only does clutter build up in cars, but so does garbage and grime. In Minnesota, it is too cold to stand around working a sucker out of the carpet, so it gets left. Most of us would rather run into a warm building than pick up spilled cereal or sweep out salt and sand tracked in by a barrage of boots and shoes.

Come spring, many of us have vehicles that look like a battle of sorts took place on the seats, floors, floor mats, cup holders, etc. As soon as the first warm and sunny day presents itself people come out in droves to clean out their vehicles, wash them and do much needed minor repairs. You can even listen for the hum of shop vacs through out the neighborhood being assaulted by flying candy wrappers, pebbles, and dropped french fries.

If your vehicle has you itching to give it a good cleaning, here are some tips to make it easier.

  1. Don’t try to hold all the garbage in your hands. Bring a garbage can with you and move it around to each of the doors.
  2. Find an empty container like a box, bucket or laundry basket to throw items in that don’t belong in the vehicle like clothing, winter gear, toys, books, extra pens, etc.
  3. If something needs to soak (sticky dried pop is a classic), start that right away. Check your cup holders, floor mats, and other crevasses that need to soak with a warm soapy rag for a while.
  4. For those with really dirty vehicles, it’s about clearing away the chunks, in order to clean better. A shop vac or vacuum attachment will be handy. Make sure to use an extension cord so you can reach everywhere that is needed and open all the doors for easiest access.
  5. Lemon juice and vinegar are great odor eaters, and often a small bowl or moist rag with either of these liquids placed in a safe area (lemon can remove color) can remove tough odors.
  6. Old toothbrushes work great to dust and reach small areas like vents, door handles, etc.

If you want to know how professional car detailers clean the interior of vehicles, this video goes through some great techniques and tools used to clean tough areas.

Do you hire it done or do it yourself? Happy cleaning!

Pump Up Your Tires and Excitement for Minnesota Twins

mn twins baseball pump up tires and excitement minneapolis mnWho is excited for baseball season to really get underway? Yes, we’ve had our home opener and baseball is in full-swing, but the Minnesota weather isn’t exactly participating. Maybe Dairy Queen had the best foresight ever?! They are giving free fur bomber hats with the Minnesota Twin’s logo to the first 10,000 fans who arrive to the Friday, April 25th game against the Detroit Tigers. If the weather doesn’t improve and the sun make a prolonged appearance, most fans will be wearing their new hats.

On Saturday, June 7th, the first 10,000 fans to see the Minnesota Twins against the Houston Astros will receive a Gardy Gnome.

2013-06-25 10.56.12We think gnomes are pretty cool! Here’s a picture of one that oversees the bay area of our Bloomington TireZoo location.

Is there a promotional day you love to make sure you attend? What’s your favorite commemorative Minnesota Twins item you’ve collected over the years?

Click to learn more about this special Twins promotional day and other upcoming events.

Play ball!

Pick Up Old Tires for Earth Day

pick up old tires for earth day 2014Earth Day 2014 is Tuesday, April 22, and the day is dedicated to promoting sustainability and care of the Earth’s environment. Tires are something that should not be discarded or stored in our environment. Instead, tires that have reached the end of their lifespan should be brought to a facility that accepts old tires. In many cases there is a small disposal fee for getting rid of the tire, but proper disposal is important. The TireZoo charges a $3.00 tire disposal fee.

Pick Up Old Tires and Give Them New Purpose

Tires can be recycled and given new purpose. Tires that are illegally dumped or stored pose many health risks. Just a few minutes of cleaning up garbage, including old tires, can help keep our cities, countryside, parks and nature areas clean and beautiful.

If you are looking to repurpose only one old tire, why not make a tire swing?

Are you participating in any Earth Day events this year? Do you have a tradition you can share?



Teaching Kids About Car Care

teaching kids about car care and tiresIt’s important that kids learn about the proper care of vehicles. Long before they can drive, they can help keep a vehicle clean (inside and out) and other simple maintenance tasks. Kids ride with you to get the oil changed and tires rotated. Explain the basics of why this is important. Kids learn from example, so show them how to test tire pressure, tire tread, and where to find the drivers manual.

As kids get older and start to think about driving, safety  is key. They’ve been a passenger and a pedestrian a long time. Talk about basic safety and driving laws. Point out things when opportunity arises, and take the time to answer questions.

The Girls Scouts recognize the importance of teaching young ladies about proper car care and maintenance. They even have a “Car Care” badge that can be earned as part of their practical living skills.  Boy Scouts have a merit badge for Auto Maintenance too. It’s a wonderful skill to encourage young people to explore.