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Archives for January 2014

Tire Speed Rating Explained

tire speed rating explainedYou’ve maybe heard of tire speed ratings but haven’t paid much attention to what they are or why they are important.

It’s important to us that you have the information you need and tire speed rating explained!

Looking at these numbers you may be saying to yourself, “I have V rated tires on my Camry, and it won’t even go 137 mph”. While that is true, a V rated tire does corner and handle differently than a T rated tire.

Depending on your vehicle and your driving habits, you can change the speed rating to a lower rating. However, if you are an aggressive driver, you will notice a difference in high speed cornering.

Advantages of going with a lower speed rated tire:

  • For winter driving- a lower speed rated tire will be better for snow traction.
  • Lower speed rated tires are usually a higher mileage rated tire.

The most beneficial down size would be to go from a V rated tire to an H.

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Flat Tire

free tire repair couponWhat happens if I drive on a flat tire?

Is it ok if I drive on a flat tire for a short distance?

When driving in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area, it’s likely you use freeways and high traffic/high speed areas that make navigating a flat tire a little more tricky, and a lot more dangerous. If you are traveling on a freeway, you need to get to the far right emergency lane as soon as you suspect a flat tire. Don’t wait. If you were traveling at highways speeds when you experienced a flat tire, it’s likely that the tire isn’t salvageable. Whether or not your tire can be fixed is not your immediate concern. Safety is.

As soon as you move to your far right, emergency lane, assess the nearest off ramp, side road, or parking lot. If it’s possible, get yourself and car off the roadway. You can drive on a flat tire for a very short distance, but the longer you drive, the more you increase your chances of damaging the tire and wheel. If you MUST drive, it’s best to go very slow and travel the least amount of distance possible.

If you are parked and notice a flat tire or excessively low tire, put your spare tire on your vehicle. We can help you assess damage, fix tires, and replace a single tire to match your existing tires after situations such as these.

Free Flat Tire Repair Coupon

We offer a Free Tire Repair coupon if your tire is fixable, as well as savings on new and used tires if your tire is not repairable.

The TireZoo is open Monday through Saturday and has locations in Anoka (north metro) and Bloomington (south/central metro).


Getting Your Tires Stuck in the Snow

tires stuck in snowIf we took a show of hands, how many of us have been stuck already this winter? How many have been stuck more than once? Whether you slid more than you intended, misjudged the edge of the driveway, or underestimated the depth of the drift in the yard, getting stuck is part of life in Minnesota.While some of us have large, heavy trucks equipped with four wheel drive and snow tires, many of us drive smaller cars and do not have four wheel drive, etc.

Being prepared is the best thing you can do, so that when the unfortunate “stuck in the snow” happens, you know what to do. Most of the time, having a shovel and proper winter attire with you is key. When you are slightly stuck, your odds of freeing the vehicle and not having to admit the mishap is possible. Sand or cat litter can help you gain a little traction if that’s all you need, along with scooping some snow and straightening your tires. However, more complicated situations probably require additional help and/or a tow service. Keep your mobile phone charged, and AAA number and tow service information readily available. It’s best for your safety and the the care of your car (and tires) that you seek professional assistance when you’re really stuck.

Two things are for sure. First, you can take stock in the fact you are not alone. Second, you will get out eventually. Nobody has lived out the remainder of their life stuck in the snow.

Stay warm and safe!

Do you have a story about getting stuck in the snow you want to share with us? Tell us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Parking Your Tires on the Correct Side of the Street

tires snow park minneapolis and suburbsAlong with the Minnesota weather and typical snowfalls, comes the issue of snow removal, plowing, and parking. For those who live, work, and park along city streets, parking can be a headache when the snow starts to accumulate. The complication arises in areas like Minneapolis, St. Paul and numerous surrounding metro communities, when each has varying rules and requirements. Each city has its own regulations on how much snow fall it takes to declare a city emergency, the time of day by which a snow emergency will be declared, and specific parking instructions that accompany a snow emergency. If you live in one city and work in another, it’s important to know when and where you need to park and if your vehicle needs to be moved. Nobody wants to pay parking tickets or head to the impound lot to get the car.

There are mobile apps you can use, text and email alerts you can sign up for, phone numbers to call and websites to check. Here is more information on snow emergencies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and surrounding area.

Minneapolis Snow Emergency Information

St. Paul Snow Emergency Information

Bloomington Snow Emergency Information

Anoka Snow Emergency Information

If you have any questions or concerns about how your car and tires are handling on the winter roads, please stop by either of our locations and have a tire technician take a look. We can help you save money on new or quality used tires!