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Archives for December 2013

Handling Winter Driving the Best You Can

handling winter driving mn

Here are 7 tips to give you the edge on winter driving

  1. Maintain your tires; proper care is best.
  2. Check tire pressure, especially in the frigid cold temps.
  3. Check the tread on your tires; here’s how.
  4. Check manufacture date; Look for DOT, then a series of numbers with a four digit number at the end signalling a week and year the tire was manufactured. (1413 would be the 14th week of the 2013 year)
  5. Decide if replacing your all season tires with winter tires is best for your vehicle and situation.
  6. Put a winter survival kit in your vehicle. Here is a list of some items that should be in it.
  7. Check out the current winter driving conditions and apps available from the MN DOT.


What to Do with Expired Infant Car Seats in MN

recycleAn infant or child car seat is one of the best ways to keep children safe on the road. However, car seats past their prime (past their very specific expiration date unique to each car seat) are not safe and need to be replaced. This safety requirement leaves thousands of car seats each year sitting in the basement or garage, with people wondering what to do with them. Throwing them into our landfills isn’t a good option, but recycling is!

Expired Infant Car Seats – Solution

In 2011, the Recycling Association on Minnesota began collecting their first car seats to be recycled. They’ve since added more year round drop off locations around the Twin Cities metro area, with plans to take the program statewide! There is a $10 fee that helps insure 95% of the materials are able to be recycled, and that is fantastic!

So how do you tell if an infant car seat is expired? This blog post goes over how to find the expiration date on a car seat, and shows pictures of what it is that you’re looking for when you turn the car seat upside down.

If you have other items, both typical and a bit out of the ordinary, check out “Recycle More Minnesota” website for helpful tips and resources to properly dispose and recycle a wide variety of items.

In case you’re wondering, yes, we recycle tires. Tires also have an expiration date. When they have too little tread or have become too old to be safe on the road, tires are collected and recycled. We ship the ‘spent’ tires to a reputable recycler. The tires are shredded or made into crumbs and are used to produce new products.



TireZoo 2013 Christmas Holiday Hours

TireZoo holiday hours 2013

Both locations of the Tire Zoo in Bloomington, MN and Anoka, MN will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The TireZoo will be open regular business hours on Monday,  December 23, 2013 and again on Thursday, December 26, 2013. Happy Holidays from all of us!

Double Check Tire Pressure in Extreme Cold

minneapolis mn cold weather tire pressure

If you’ve turned on the television only to find a weatherman or woman a little too excited to be pointing to Minneapolis, MN and sharing sub-zero temperature predictions, there maybe something not running through your mind…Tires!

If it’s been a while since you last checked your tire pressure, it would be a good idea to check again. With temperatures dipping into the negative teens and even negative twenties, everything, including your tires, responds to the extremely cold temperatures. You may need to add air to keep them at the recommended tire pressure for your car/tire. You can check your vehicle manual for this information. Cold weather, like the kind we’ve been having, will cause the air inside your tires to contract. When this happens your tires are actually underinflated. You don’t want to drive on underinflated tires. When roads get snow and ice covered, you want as much safety and control as possible.

If you are questioning whether your tires are safe or in proper condition, stop by and see us. We’ll help make sure you have safe tires on your vehicle. We can help you work around your budget, finding new or quality used tires.

Checking Tire Pressure

Are you looking for some more creative ideas for your elf to having fun around your home this holiday season? Elf on a Shelf is reminding us that checking tire pressure and tire tread is important before you head out on the road.

elf checking tire pressure

Kids’ toy boxes are a treasure trove of ideas for fun things for your Elf to do, and kids will enjoy seeing the Elf interact with familiar toys in new and creative ways. Take Mechanic Elf who uses dice to jack up a bus to do regularly scheduled maintenance. or Fearless Elf who had a triumphant expedition to the Everglades. Have you created any fun travel, auto, or tire related scenarios for your Elf? We’d love to see them!

Mechanic Elf    elf

For more of our ideas, visit our Elf board on Pinterest!