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Archives for May 2013

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Entertaining Young Kids on a Long Car Ride

puppets entertain kids on long car rides check your tires firstIf you have babies and toddlers to entertain in the car, things like iPods and travel games won’t work. While you can pack toys and books to keep them entertained, chances are they will want something more interactive at some point.

Ideas for Entertaining Kids in the Car

One idea is to pack puppets. The parent or guest in the front passenger seat can easily entertain young children with puppets, actions, songs, games, or just make them dance to the music on the radio. Older kids might be willing to give adults a break and entertain with the puppets that always seem to hold attention of young passengers.

~An added bonus to those along side you on the interstate glancing over to your vehicle. Be sure to make the cow or horse give them a little wave!

Before heading out on any road trip, but sure to check your tire pressure and tread. If you aren’t sure about your tire safety, stop in to either our Bloomington or Anoka, MN locations and we’ll help you out!

What Does It Mean to Get Your Car Detailed?

Car Detailed for a dirty interior made cleanHave you heard of getting your car detailed, but wondered what it is exactly? Many businesses offer car detailing that includes various things, but there’s usually a standard list. Most often it includes cleaning the upholstery, cleaning the floors/carpets and mats, and basically cleaning and deodorizing the interior of the vehicle. Some car detailing services might include the exterior of the vehicle and tires. You can shop around to find the services that you need and the price that fits your budget. People who get their vehicles detailed report that their car is “just like new” again; looking and smelling like new.

If you vehicle is dirty or has been through the ringer with carpools and road trips with kids, you may really appreciate the assistance with getting the interior clean again.

Have you had your car detailed? Where in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metro area do you go that you love?