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Archives for March 2013

Happy Tire Day!

Did you know that Tuesday, March 26, 2013 is actually “Make Your Own Holiday Day”? It’s a day that anyone is supposed to make up any day they wish, so we’re declaring today Tire Day. That’s just as much fun as, oh say… “Bunsen Burner Day” on March 31.

Today is actually, “National Goof Off Day”, so in celebration of that we’ll post a fun picture of cats in pajamas and wigs.

National Goof Off Day 2013 TireZoo MN

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Custom License Plates in Minnesota

vanity plates mnWant to have a really cool custom license plate that you’ll always remember? You can apply to have custom license plates, also called vanity plates in Minnesota if you’re willing to pay about $110. According to the Minnesota DMV, you must select no more than 7 characters, and at least one alpha character needs to be included. This is for regular passenger vehicles.

Custom License Plates in Minnesota

Other than looking cool, vanity plates can help you remember your license plate when checking into a hotel that requires it on a form or helps a common vehicle stand out in a crowded parking lot. Although now days, people simply hit their panic buttons and let the noise guide them.

Do you have custom license plates? What’s the most clever one you’ve seen?

Minnesota Bike to Work Week in May

national bike to work week 2013It may not seem like it, but Spring is right around the corner. The days are getting longer, and little by little the weather a bit milder. As soon as the snow melts people will be out walking, biking, jogging, and finding all kinds of reasons to be outside. Each year Minnesota bike enthusiasts, along with those with goals to improve health and/or environment team up to celebrate Bike to Work Week.

This year, Bike to Work Week is May 13-17, with National Bike to Work Day set for May 17, 2013. So dust off those bike tires, pump them up with air, and plan to participate if you can.For more information on this event and other bike related information in Minnesota, visit MN Bike Trail Navigator.

Don’t work on May 17th? Biking to school, errands or enjoyment on that day is a great idea too!

High Quality Used Tires Available

used tires for sale at the TireZooThe term “used tires” doesn’t necessarily mean there is much about the tires that is used. While some quality used tires have less life left than others, many tires we sell are extremely high quality and are like new. The TireZoo has over ten thousand used tires in our inventory, and our tire technicians are skilled at checking over tires for any issues and matching existing tires on a vehicle with a similar tread/life tire.

Because of this, many used tires available at the TireZoo have tens of thousands of miles left on them and can mean a significant savings for you. There are many benefits to buying new or used tires. Do you have a question we can answer about used tires? Need to know if we have something in stock? Give us a call in Bloomington, MN 1-800-761-2013 or Anoka, MN 1-800-421-2037