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Archives for June 2012

Organizing Phone Chargers and Adapters in Your Car

Organize cell phone charger cordsIf you are like most families, you have a plethora of chargers and adapters for cell phones, smart phones, iPods, touch screen devices, and more. Add in ear buds and battery chargers and you have a mess of cords that can become tangled and time consuming to sort through. With all of us on the go and taking our devices with in the car, we end up with a mangled mess of cords in the console or strewn around the vehicle. How do you keep phone chargers, cords, and adapters organized? Try the trick of small Ziploc bags. Give each cord its own Ziploc bag and seal it. This way when they are gathered up or placed in a bin or console the cords can’t tangle. If you have multiple devices and have trouble keeping them straight, label the bags for quick and easy access.

When you get rid of a cell phone or other device, make sure you take its cords out of the mix. With rapidly changing technology, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use the cord on your next device. It’s better to give it to someone who can use it or recycle.

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June 20: First Day of Summer

first day of summer is June 20, 2012Today is the first day of summer, and we have scattered rain showers in Minnesota.  The rain will stop, the sun will shine again, and we’ll all head for places to enjoy the outdoors.

A rainy day like today is the perfect time to run errands and get things marked off your “to do” list. If fixing a flat tire, having your tires checked for wear and proper tread, or shopping for replacement tires is on you list, we’re open today and are waiting to help. We’ll help you ring in the first day of summer with safe tires!

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Father’s Day is June 17th

Father's Day 2012 gift ideas from the TireZooDo you need some last minute gift ideas for dad? Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th. While we think tires is always a fantastic gift idea for any occasion, we’ve also found these cool ideas for dad!

If the dad in your life would appreciate a “techie” gift, then check out the ideas and Father’s Day gift list video at CNET.

For the farm enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with the farm and ag related gift ideas on

Sports and fitness gift ideas for dad is endless on Men’s Fitness in their “Father’s Day 2012 Gift Guide”

Of course, a nice quiet day letting dad do what he enjoys most is always a great idea too. What are you doing to celebrate Father’s Day?

Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN Metro Area EZ Pass Rules

ez pass and express lane rules in mnSomeone recently made the news when he used a life-sized doll in his passenger side to appease the Express Lane rules. While carpool drivers and their passengers travel for free, an EZ Pass is required for anyone traveling solo in the Express Lane. The last I checked, all dolls and inanimate objects lack a reason to carpool anywhere. This applies to your pets too!

According to the MnPass website,  “Its (EZ Pass) purpose is to maintain traffic flow and alleviate congestion.”

Frequently Asked Questions about the EZ Pass, Express Lanes, and rules are found here.