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Archives for May 2012

Internet Access in the Car

access internet while travelingAll the cool gadgets, gismos and games have transformed how many travelers pass time in the car. However, with the advent of smart phones, people increasingly want to access the Internet on a variety of devices. If the device works from cell service, you likely have Internet if you have cell coverage.

However, many iPod Touches, iPads, and tablets can also be used to access the Internet, even in the car while traveling. You can create your own “hot spot” in your vehicle with what is called a Mobile HotSpot or WiFi Hotspot . Most major carriers offer these, such as Sprint and Verizon. All you have to do is enter your zip code on this Sprint page to find out what’s available in your area. This is ideal for accessing the Internet while on the road, in more remote areas, camping, fishing, etc.

Have you used one of these?

Fishing Opener and Free Fishing in Minnesota

Did you know that you can fish for free at most Minnesota State Parks? There are some limitations and specifications you have to follow, but this map shows many places to fish for free in Minnesota. The Minnesota Walleye Fishing Opener is May 12, 2012, and more information on fishing for free is listed here.

For more information on Minnesota Fishing Opener and licensing, etc.

Make a Pop Can Fishing Pole

Are you fishing the Minnesota Fishing Opener? Where do you fish? Remember to check your vehicle and boat trailer tires before heading out!

Tires on Pinterest

Are tires a subject of interest? Yes!

And the fantastic ideas shared on Pinterest proves it. If you love art, creative uses for old items like tires, or simply need a rainy day project, Pinterest is full of amazing images to get your creative juices flowing. Check out some of the great uses people have thought of for old tires on Pinterest!

Old tire craft ideas on pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? Have you thought of a new idea for old tires? We’d love to hear from you!