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Archives for October 2011

What’s Cool in Anoka, Minnesota in October?

anoka mn halloween parade 2011Anoka Tire, also known as The TireZoo is definitely a cool place to stop for tires in Minnesota, any time of year. In addition to the TireZoo, you may like to know that Anoka hosts one of the largest and most elaborate Halloween festivals in Minnesota. Also referred to as  “Anoka, The Halloween Capital of the World”, this event spans several days and includes such fun activities as a Pumpkin Bowl, Medallion Hunt, Rib Tasting, Carnival, 5Krun, and Grand Costume Parade, and much more.

If you’re looking for one or more days of family fun, Anoka, Minnesota will not dissappoint, starting today, October 19, 2011. Many people turn out for the Grand Parade, scheduled for October 29th this year, and we hope you are able to travel to Anoka, MN and join in the fun!

Read the story “Meaty display wins Anoka Halloween decorating contest” and watch the clip from last year, covered by Kare11 News.

For more information, you can visit Anoka If you want to visit the TireZoo while in Anoka, you can find us here.

From Old, Flat Tire to New Decor

Flat Tire Decor basket, new uses for old tiresThis is a guest post from Confessions Of A Mom: I simply love new ideas, especially when the ideas transform a seemingly useless item into something new. It’s important for our environment to recycle and reuse items, and I believe it’s good for our economy when an entrepreneur can make trash into treasure.

From the high quality used tires I bought from the TireZoo, to the alternative heat we added to our home last year so we could burn field corn from a local farmer, I always try to keep my eyes and ears open for ways we can be more environmentally conscious. I know there are moms out there who do a better job than I do, but I’m learning. Each greener step I take is in the right direction.

About a year ago, I came across an article about a company doing some unique things with old tires. I started following Flat Tire Decor on Facebook and Twitter, and have been impressed with their great ideas. I love that this small business is from the Midwest; Wisconsin actually, only a stone’s throw away! I appreciate that they provide jobs to people needing work and disabled individuals, while simutaneously keeping old tires out of Flat Tire Decor basket, new uses for old tiresour landfills! The products they are engineering are high quality and very versitle. After connecting with Flat Tire Decor online, they decided to send me a couple of their baskets.

I used one to take out to our local CSA that we own shares in. As you can tell, some of the fall produce is ready. After this fall, I plan to use the large basket for hats and mittens in our coat closet, but I don’t want to think about that just yet.

I shared a smaller basket with a creative friend, who promised to let me know what she decided to use it for. I’ll try to follow up with more pictures. You can check out Flat Tire online and connect with them on Twitter too! While you’re there, make sure you connect with the TireZoo too!

What ideas do you have for taking a greener step? How do you reduce, reuse, or recycle in a new way you didn’t only a year ago?

Transportation and Auto Related Costume Ideas for Halloween

If you are looking for activity and costume ideas for halloween, inspired by automobile and transportation related themes, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of inspiring costume ideas, pictures, and blog post articles sure to get your creative juices flowing.

The car enthusiastist in your life will be happy and your inner-child thrilled with some of these ideas that include tires, automobiles, and racing themes.

If you create a costume or halloween activity around this theme, please post your pictures or video to our TireZoo Facebook page.

Transportation Related Costumes Gallore

Race car driver (Simple accessory: black and white checkered flag)
Delivery truck driver (Simple accessory: signature clipboard with pen, brown box with stamps to collect treats)
Mechanic/Technician (tools, tire gauge)
Chauffeur (Simple accessory: transform your wagon into a car and pull dolls)
Tire (Make a white shirt with tracks, and a tag that says “I’m Tired”)
Road Kill, yeah, I know (Simple accessory: Any previous animal costume and add tracks)
Farmer/Drive Tractor (Simple accessory: John Deere hat/shirt; milk pale to collect treats)
Road Construction Worker (Simple accessory: Orange vest, hard hat; use an orange cone to collect treats)
Traffic Police Officer (Simple accessory: White gloves, whistle)

Homemade Costume Ideas

For more simple, low-cost halloween costume ideas for 2011, visit 50+ Great, Cheap Halloween Costumes on and Homemade Halloween Costume Tips for saving money and using what you have.