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Archives for September 2011

Car Themed Fun

zucchini carThis time of year, many gardeners have cucumbers and zucchini in an over abundance. If you are tired of eating cucumbers and simply can’t think of another creative thing to cook out of zucchini, then why not have some fun making car themed art?

Kids love projects, and the inspirational ideas are endless.

If you are planning a car themed birthday party and need a fun art project for boys or girls, why not make these cute zucchini cars? You can also use summer squash or cucumbers.

MN Teen Drivers Sign Contracts

teens and teen driversDo you have a teenager who is excited about getting his or her drivers license soon?

Driving is a huge responsibility, and no doubt given parents millions of sleepless nights. Many parents choose to implement a written contract with their teens as a visual reminder to carry with them in their wallet or to pull out if infractions occur. While a written contract will not prevent accidents, it can reinforce parents’ desire to set clear expectations and consequences that accompany such huge privilege and right of passage.

Some rules parents stipulate include maintaining good grades, no driving infractions for lowest possible insurance, limited or no friends in the vehicle, seat belt use, and whether or not a cell phone can even be turned on while occupying the vehicle. For more ideas and sample contracts see the examples below:

Teen Driving Contracts

Teen Driving Google Doc

Driving Contract for Motor Vehicle Safety

Did you do a contract with your kids? Any advice you can offer other parents just entering this new phase of parenting?

Minnesota School Bus and Safety Laws

school bus safety in Minnesota and lawsWith the onset of a new school year, millions of kids are riding the school bus. Do your kids know the school bus rules? Do you know the laws pertaining to sharing the road with a school bus?

The Minnesota State Statutes are posted here, covering school bus laws and children’s safety.

Maybe you are interested in reading the Minnesota School Bus Driver’s Handbook, by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.