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Archives for April 2011

Where to Find an Old Tire for a Tire Swing in MN

How to Make a Tire Swing

If you want to make a tire swing this spring, you may like our previous article, “Making a Tire Swing”.

Where to Find an Old Tire  for tire swing in Minnesota

If you are looking for an old tire to use for your tire swing, stop by our Anoka or Bloomington location.

Tire Swing Pictures

If you need some pictures of tire swings for inspiration, check out these pictures.

Is Learning to Change a Flat Tire on Your Bucket List?

It’s maybe not as glamorous as traveling to Italy or exciting as skydiving, but if changing a flat tire is on your bucket list, this post is for you!

Learning to Change a Flat Tire

If learning to change a flat tire is something you would really like to learn, Driver’s Ed has a great educational video on YouTube. The instructional video takes you step by step through the process, in terms that anyone can understand. The video is also in closed captioning, so you can read along. If only all new drivers were better prepared to emergencies like flat tires! *Remember, ALWAYS have a spare tire in your vehicle!

Minnesota Nice

Would you stop to help someone change a flat tire?

There’s a saying in Minnesota that people are “Minnesota Nice”; maybe you’ve heard it? Travel around Minnesota or the upper Midwest, and you’re likely to hear someone use the phrase. Need emergency help while driving in Minnesota, and we hope you’ll find it.

Minnesota NiceWhere does Minnesota Nice Come From? by WCCO

As we get into travel season, camping, fishing, sight-seeing, family reunions (yikes), and the like, we need to focus our attention to our tires. Check the tire pressure before you head out. If you’re unsure if your tires are in top condition, stop by and experience our Minnesota Nice at either our Anoka or Bloomington, MN locations. We have tire coupons available.