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Archives for December 2010

Car and Tire Themed Birthday Party

What can you do with an old tire? How do you decorate for a birthday party on a dime?

The answer is in creativity!

One reader sent in the idea of using an old tire to create endless birthday party decorations, such as unique “tire-track” birthday invitations, place cards, banners, paper tablecloths and more. We decided to check out the idea. If you have a child who loves tires, cars, and racing, these simple and inexpensive party ideas are perfect.

Let’s make some tire tracks for your car or racing themed party!

Car and tire themed birthday partyItems Needed:

Old tire, black paint, roll of craft paper.

I rolled out the craft paper, set the tire on one end, used a baby wipe to dip into the paint, and smeared the tire treads with black paint. Then I gently pushed down on the tire as I rolled it down the paper. It worked great!

After the paper dried, I was able to cut some very cool banners/streamers out of the tire tracks, along with set a table using the paper as a tablecloth.

cheap car themed birthday party decorating ideas

Please let us know if you have a simple idea you’d like to share. You can post pictures on our Facebook page too!

Happy Holidays From The Tire Zoo

The gift of tires from the TireZoo

Looking for a last minute gift idea? According to Twitter, many people sincerely wish Santa would bring them new tires for Christmas. Who can you surprise this year with the gift of safety? Call us in Anoka, MN at 1-800-421-2037 or in Bloomington, MN at 1-800-761-2013.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and safe travels!

Winter Fun in the Midwest

Tired of being cooped up in the house?

Ready to put some miles on your tires?

If the weather cooperates and the roads are good, many people look for fun things to do to get out of the house and enjoy the snow. Thanks to so many communities on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve collected a nice list of things to do and places to go around Minnesota. If you know of more, please leave us a comment.

Dog Sledding: Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria, MN has their first dog sled run is this weekend. And Wintergreen in Ely, MN has dog sled adventures, as does WhiteWilderness and White Wolf Dog Sled Trips also both in Ely, MN

Snowmobiling: Here’s an official map of snowmobile routes in Minnesota by the DNR

Skiing: Whether you’re headed up north, down south, or toward the metro area, I bet you didn’t know Minnesota had so many ski options around the state.

Holidazzle Parade: This is the last weekend to take in the Holidazzle Parade in downtown Minneapolis, MN

How are MN Roads in the Winter?

how are MN roads in the winterThe question about Minnesota roads keeps popping up. Talk to anyone with plans to travel up here for the first time during the winter from a warmer, sunnier state and you’re likely to get asked about our snow covered roads, driving conditions, and the safety of travel in adverse weather conditions.

So I asked a few people on Facebook and Twitter the question, “How are MN roads in the winter?” and here are some of their responses. I did not identify people, but should they read this post and want to claim their description of MN roads, please tell us. We’ll go back into this post and gladly place your name!

Minnesota has frozen lakes and frozen roads, and sometimes you can’t tell the difference!

What road! Most of the time you can’t see it! lol

Before kids, I had a really sexy coupe Mitsubishi Eclipse. However I bought it with non-Minnesota tires on it. I was trying to go up small inclines and slipping backwards constantly. It was ridiculous – I was driving the most expensive car I ever owned, in the worst winter conditions, with crappy tires. I was constantly scared of getting in an accident or just getting stuck on ice. This is probably a (good, future post) blog for Tire Zoo 🙂

I really don’t see why people get so worked up about it. Take your time, pay attention (I AM a person who talks on the phone while driving, but never text, but obviously one MUST ignore the phone when roads are bad), don’t drive too slow for conditions either. Just be smart, watch out for the other driver, and be patient.

Depends on the road… the smaller roads with steep ditches near us are scary and cause a lot of anxiety however people in 4x4s seem to drive the same but the crazy drivers near the City with small vehicles bring about a another kind of scariness as you often see them in the ditch!!

About as wonderful as these @#%^! SD roads! 😉

You can’t publish words like that 🙂 LOL! They never bother me, I can usually get where I need to go if I drive according to the conditions. I think MN Spends a lot of money to keep them well maintained and safe. It’s the drivers that sometimes aren’t so good.

Well, my native Minnesotan mom would say the roads are “horse*BEEP”