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Archives for October 2010

Tire Color Page

Click on the image to print this color page from a full-sized pdf.

Color a house made of tires.  How many tires can you count in this picture?

Take a picture of you coloring this page and/or your finished artwork and email it to us at and we’ll create a color gallery!

Things to Do With Kids in Minnesota When Cold Weather Arrives

The lazy days of summer are behind us, when it’s easy to find fun things to do with kids. In the summer, camping in state parks, picnicking at playgrounds, and catching a small-town baseball game are easy things to do.

When winter comes to the upper Midwest, however, it can be a little more challenging to find things that will get us out of the house for some fun.

Here are some of our favorite Minnesota (or near Minnesota) winter escapes:

1) Museums. A trip to Minneapolis or St. Paul gives us a grand choice of museums. Some of our favorites are Mill City Museum, the Minnesota History Center, The Works in Edina, and the Minnesota Children’s Museum. My son is asking to return to the Twin City Model Railroad Museum for his birthday. If the Twin Cities aren’t in your area, check your local museums. The Children’s Museum in Fargo and Kirby Science Discovery Center in Sioux Falls are also good getaways.

2) Waterparks. There’s something about a steamy waterpark in the middle of winter that makes things seem right with the world. The Great Wolf Lodge (formerly the Waterpark of America), near Mall of America, bills itself as the largest indoor waterpark in America, and it is big. We also enjoy The Edge in Duluth and Splashers of the South Seas in Grand Forks, North Dakota. A day at the waterpark can go a long way in keeping the winter blahs at bay.

3) Seasonal Activities. We love to go to the holiday lights parade in New Ulm, MN, the day after Thanksgiving. Visiting the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids, MN, when it was 15 below zero gave us a special appreciation for the loggers in the camps. There’s a great tubing hill at Fort Ridgely State Park, near Fairfax. Sometimes we have to embrace the elements and take in some real winter fun.

4) The Library. Whether it’s our own local library or an afternoon trip to a neighboring town, we love to cozy up with a good book at a library. On those days when we just need to get out of the house, the library is a haven, and the quiet moments when we return home with bags full of books can’t be beat.

While winter fun can involve a little more planning than summer activities, it’s worth the effort to find new things to do or begin some family traditions. For information about all of the places I mentioned above, as well as ideas about things to do, any time of year, in Minnesota and beyond, I invite you to read my blog, Travels with Children.

About the Author: Linda (minnemom) is a mom of four young children who enjoys finding new adventures near and far.


Fantasy Artwork of Tires Needs a Name

When fantasy artist, Jerry Lindberg, heard about the TireZoo blog and our efforts to provide families with travel safety tips and fun, he offered to create an original fantasy art drawing to serve as a printable color page. The drawing is a signed original, not yet seen anywhere else. Jerry always names his artwork, so we thought it’d be fun to give you a glimpse of the piece and have you submit your ideas for a name. Within the next few days, you will be able to return to our blog and print your own copy of the color page.

This piece needs a name.

Leave your name ideas in the comment section below. Also tell us if you’re a fan of the TireZoo and/or Jerry Lindberg. How did you hear about us?

Minnesota Crossword Puzzle

This Minnesota themed crossword puzzle will keep everybody busy on your next car ride. This puzzle is meant as a family activity, as kids of all ages will know some of the answers. Good Luck!

Print your free Minnesota themed crossword puzzle

Answer Key

Retreading Tires Isn’t for the Common Traveler

If you’re like most people you hear about things like “retreaded tires” but wonder what that is exactly.

Retread Tires

Have I been duped into some recreated, look-a-like tires that seem like the new thing, but are impostors?

No, it isn’t something the common traveler needs to worry about. Retreading is an old practice. The process is basically taking tread from one tire and “hot gluing” it to an older tire that has   down.  This process doesn’t apply to passenger vehicle tires or light truck tires, as they aren’t designed for this. Retreading usually applies to semi-truck tires that are more durable. Semi-truck tires have a much stronger sidewall, making retreading possible.

Since we specialize in new and quality used tires for passenger and recreational vehicles, as well as light trucks and trailers, retreading/retread tires isn’t something of which our customers need to be concerned.

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