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Archives for May 2010

Is All This In-Town Driving Hard on My Tires?

Some people drive mostly long distances for personal or professional reasons. Others drive mostly short distances.

Some of us feel like in-town taxi drivers, driving kids all over town and racking up the miles without leaving city limits. It’s easy to think that driving slow, avoiding pot holes, and going multiple “short” distances would somehow be easier on the tires.

The opposite is actually true. A bunch of “in-town” driving can be very hard on tires, and here’s why.

In-town driving wears out tires quicker, as there is more starting, stopping, and turning. When you do a lot of short distance traveling, your front tires usually wear faster than the back tires because of all the turning. There’s more force on the front tires, more weight in the front of your vehicle, and more that can go wrong on the front end to make your tires wear faster. This is why rotating your tires on a regular basis is so important.

Now that you know you need to check your tires and rotate regularly if you do a ton of in-town driving and kid shuttling, it’s time to clean out all the built up kid shrapnel under the seats.  Maybe it’s time to extract the unknown substance that partially filled the cup holder?

The Life Cycle of a Tire

At the TireZoo, we make sure each and every tire experiences a productive life cycle.

New Tires

We gladly sell one new tire or sets of new tires, when NEW is the best option for a particular situation. If you’re not sure, we’ll help you decide between new and used; we’ll take the time to answer all your questions.

Used Tires

We also specialize in quality used tires that are as safe and reliable as new tires, but at a fraction of the cost. Buying used tires is often the perfect solution to a buyer’s needs and unique situation. We keep a very large inventory of used tires so that we can make each one useful to someone; maybe you? Plus, it’s important for our environment that we take the responsibility and opportunity to offer high quality used tires with plenty of life left in them.

When tires no longer can be sold as new or used…

recycle old tiresThere comes a time when used tires turn into old tires, and they are no longer safe to drive. Old tires can be used for a variety of new purposes when they are no longer able to be sold as quality used tires. From tire swings to potato gardens and art sculptures, people are always thinking of new ways to use old tires.

At the TireZoo, most old tires get picked up by a truck, transported to Green Man,  ground up, and recycled into other products for a complete life cycle of a tire!


Ever Feel Like Naming Your Tires?

carl the tire, name your tires you use them so muchDo you spend so much time in your car that you feel like giving it a name? Whether you commute to work, drive for a living, or shuttle kids in carpool, your tires have a very important job. Many people like to put tires on their vehicles and hope that all is well. However, you should know when to check and replace your tires.

So, how many miles can I expect to get on a new set of tires?

The answer really depends on the type of tires you purchase, the speed rating of your tires, and the kind of use you intend for your vehicle.

A rule of thumb: If you haven’t had your tires checked by 40,000 miles, you should. If all is well, then you are good to go for a while longer.

When do I have to plan on replacing my tires?

For most touring tires with a speed rating of S or T, the average mileage expectancy is about 45,000-60,000. Touring tires are tires used for a comfort ride; a soft and quiet ride.

For most performance tires with a speed rating of W, Y,or Z, the average mileage expectancy is about 30,000 to 40,000.

Stop by the TireZoo in Bloomington or Anoka, and we’ll help you find new or used tires. I suppose we can also help you come up with names for your tires too, if you want.

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