Take Aim: A Tire Target is the Perfect Place to Practice Skills

stack old tires to practice aim and skillsSpring training is here for major league baseball. Little league, high school, and college spring sports will start soon too. With all the practice required, an old tire can offer the perfect place to practice aim when practicing baseball, softball, or lacrosse.

A Tire Target is the Way to Go!

Instead of always rounding up additional people to practice, a tire offers a designated target area and damage-resistant surface that can take multiple practice shots.

A large net, like a hockey or soccer ball net, works well to capture balls, but isn’t as defined as the center hole of a tire. Placing a tire in front of a net is the optimal practice set-up, but positioning and height of the tire need to be adjusted. Not sure if the ball is going through? Light weight paper targets can be taped to the center of the tire for proof of accuracy.

practice tire target


Holiday Hours

Both the Anoka and Bloomington TireZoo Locations will share the following holiday hours:

Christmas Eve: Open at 9am and closing early at 3pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Saturday, December 26: Open Regular Hours
New Years Eve: Open at 9am until 5pm
New Years Day: Closed
Saturday, January 2: Open Regular Hours

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor_ _Winter is dead.”

How to Make an Ottoman Out of a Tire

Trash to treasure trends are all over the place, and using old tires to make new items is no exception. Watch this video for a tutorial on how to make an ottoman out of a tire, and visit our Pinterest board title “Tire and Wheel  Repurposing” for more ideas.

YouTube Preview Image

Anoka Location Closed Halloween

Due to Anoka’s Halloween Capital of the World festivities and community celebration, the Anoka TireZoo location will be closed all day on Saturday, October 31, 2015. Our Bloomington location will remain open.

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What Parts of a Car Can You Recycle?

Recycle car parts and other items used in your vehicle:

  • Tires: Tires are recycled and should not be stored on property. You can check with your local area for tire drop off locations. The TireZoo accepts old tires for a $3 fee/tire and makes sure the tires get a new purpose.
  • Car Seats: Infant seats and child booster seats can be recycled. If you live in Minnesota, you have limited options, but you can recycle.
  • Oil: It gets dirty and needs to be cleaned, but it’s still oil. If you get your oil changed, it’s already being disposed of on your behalf. If you change oil yourself, take it to a certified collection center in your area.
  • License Plates: Are usually considered scrap metal. You can look for a place that accepts scrap metal or check with your local DMV for area-specific collection/recycling programs.
  • Oil and Air Filters: Filters are recyclable and most waste collection facilities do not want you throwing them in the trash. Check with your local recycle center or a certified oil collection center for a list of resources.
  • Car Batteries: Check with our local recycle center for recycling car batteries, as well as other miscellaneous household batteries.
  • Device Chargers: Look for cord collection sites, similar to holiday lights collection. Ask at your local recycle center, or at recycle programs that accept electronics like Best Buy.

Ideas to Reuse Old Tires

ideas old tiresPinterest is the perfect place to find tons of ideas to reuse old tires and create something new and interesting. From flower planters and tire swings, to tables and garden hose holders, the ideas are plentiful on Pinterest.

The TireZoo has set up a board called, Tire and Wheel Repurposing, which is dedicated to the reuse of old tires and wheels. It includes bike tires, tractor tires, etc. We also have a category on our blog called, Old Tires for New Purposes you can search for articles we’ve published with ideas for reusing old tires.

If you have a picture of something you’ve done with an old tire, we’d love to see. You can post it on our Facebook page, or give us a link where we can find and repin it!

Easter Weekend Hours

Closing earlyThe TireZoo (both locations: Anoka and Bloomington) will be closing at 4pm on Saturday, April 4th to allow our team to enjoy the holiday weekend with their families. We are open regular hours on Friday, April 3rd and Monday, April 6, 2015. Please drive safely and enjoy your Easter weekend!

Tire and Tractor Tire Workout

Maybe you’ve seen or heard about workouts using large tires or tractor tires. People have been using tires for workouts for years, but traditionally you see athletes running through smaller tires. In recent years, trainers and athletes have found use for large tractor tires in their workout routines. Some are simply astounding. Here are some videos of ideas, in case you have a tire laying around you have a desire to throw, flip, or hula hoop with.

Tractor Tire Workout #1: Hula Hooping a 100 Pound Tire

YouTube Preview Image

Tractor Tire Workout #2: Flipping a 1200 Pound Tire, Oh My!

YouTube Preview Image

Tire Workout #3:  Train by Rolling Smaller Tires

YouTube Preview Image

Tire Workout #4: Dragging, Pushing, Throwing Tires

YouTube Preview Image

Tire Workout #5: Running Through Tires

YouTube Preview Image

Tire Zoo Highlights in 2014

tire zoo2014 was an amazing year! We welcomed quite a few new changes this past year.

Tire Zoo Extended Hours

We extended our Saturday hours to 5pm for both the Bloomington and Anoka locations.

New Tire Zoo Website

This past fall we rolled out a brand new website with an enhanced new and used tire search feature and database!

Great Tire Zoo Reviews

We received some fantastic reviews from customers on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and via our website. Here’s one of the more recent ones:

Always great service and pricing. Been buying tires here or at their Anoka store for over 15 years. ~Todd F.

High Traffic Tire Zoo Blog Posts

There were several blog posts that generated plenty of interest and traffic in 2014 too.

A year ago, we published the blog post, Double Check Tire Pressure in Extreme Cold which is currently our most popular blog post. It’s been extremely cold here in Minnesota already, and it’s not even officially winter yet!

Snow, cold, and winter driving is clearly on the minds of our readers. Another of our most read blog posts is Snow Tires vs All Season Tires. If you need help determining if snow tires are the way to go for you and your vehicle, give us a call.

Two other very high traffic blog posts this past year have to do with Where Used Tires Come From and whether or not you Can Buy Just One Tire.

 Popular Tire Zoo Coupons Still a Favorite

Printable coupons have been updated on our new website, but are still available to our customers on our “Specials” page!

2014 has been a great year at the Tire Zoo, and we look forward to wishing all of your a wonderful 2015! We’re certain 2015 is when we exceed 1000 fans on our Facebook page too.

Happy Thanksgiving