Pot Hole Season Is Here

pot hole tire damageBefore we know it, road construction around the area will be in full swing and some roads will be considerably less traveled for many months. While some road repairs are significant, pot hole repairs are fairly quick. Given the sheer number of them our crazy weather and road conditions create, it can take some time for cities, counties, and state entities to get to them.

Do report pot holes in your area to the authorities, as they can cause damage to your tires and vehicle. They can also cause accidents and unsafe swerving.

Here’s a great resource for reporting pot holes in MN on state highways.

What to Do When You Get a Flat Tire

flat tire while drivingA flat tire is something that everyone will likely encounter at some point. Even those who take great care of their tires and inspect them frequently can run into debris on the road that can cause a fast or slow flat tire.

Flat Tire While Parked

If a flat tire happens in your garage, driveway, or while parked somewhere, you will likely have plenty of time to think and plan out your next step. It’s more critical that you know what you’ll do if you get a flat tire with traveling.

Flat Tire on the Road

The most important thing to remember when you have a flat tire while driving is to be safe. Don’t keep driving on a flat tire, but make sure you pull off into the safest area possible. If you are on a busy roadway, be mindful of traffic and assume they won’t see you or slow down. It’s better to take the initiative to keep yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle as safe as possible. While it’s not advised to drive very far on a flat tire, you can drive slowly on it for a small distance; enough to get out of harm’s way.

Turn on your hazard lights immediately. If it is safe for you to get out of the vehicle, place reflective triangles behind your vehicle before taking a look at your tire. You have some in your trunk, right? Next, decide if your situation warrants a 911 call, or a call to a tow service, or if you can safely change tires and put a spare on your vehicle.

Worry about your flat tire and if it can be fixed later. Once you are safe, you can print our coupon for a free flat tire fix (up to $15) and come to either TireZoo location so we can help you out.

Holiday Hours

Both the Anoka and Bloomington TireZoo Locations will share the following holiday hours:

Christmas Eve: Open at 9am and closing early at 3pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Saturday, December 26: Open Regular Hours
New Years Eve: Open at 9am until 5pm
New Years Day: Closed
Saturday, January 2: Open Regular Hours

“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head,And whispered to her neighbor_ _Winter is dead.”

Anoka Location Closed Halloween

Due to Anoka’s Halloween Capital of the World festivities and community celebration, the Anoka TireZoo location will be closed all day on Saturday, October 31, 2015. Our Bloomington location will remain open.

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7 Signs Tires Should be Replaced

You want to drive on safe tires. Nobody likes to have car trouble, and for the most part, you can avoid having tire trouble by replacing your tires at the first sign something isn’t right.

Here are seven signs tires should be replaced:

Sign #1: Cracking- Cracking signifies a breakdown in the tire. Often caused by age and exposure to elements, a visibly cracked tire needs to be replaced before it leaks and goes flat at an inopportune time.

Sign #2: Tire Noise– Unnecessary vibration can mean your tires aren’t balanced or are not aligned. While it can be other issues with your car too, you’ll want to have unusual noise and vibration checked out as soon as possible. It’s good to “get to know” your car and how it typically sounds and drives so that you’re more in-tuned to changes as they happen.

Sign #3: Uneven Wear– It isn’t good if your tires are wearing on the inside or outside of the tire. If you notice this, you need to have the tires check and possibly replaced as soon as possible. Uneven wearing is often a sign of poor tire pressure (over or under inflated), imbalanced tires, or alignment is off.

Sign #4: Low Tread– Low tread just means your tires have likely served you well and seen their better days of proving better safety and traction. Pay attention to low tread and replace your tires before it’s too low.

Sign #5: Bulge- Bulges aren’t normal and are an indication that something serious is wrong with your tire. Often bulges signify internal cords are broken in the tire. Bulges won’t self correct and can cause tire blow-outs. Bulges supersede tread depth, and a tire with good tread with a bulge should be replaced.

Sign #6: Pulling- If your vehicle is more difficult to steer and feels like it is pulling to the left or right, there could be a problem with your tires. Have your tires and your vehicle checked out immediately. While it can be a misalignment issue with your tires, it can also be a symptom of more significant issues with your vehicle’s suspension.

Sign #7: Age- If your tires are getting old, passed the manufacture date, it is a good idea to get them replaced. Vehicles in storage or that get driven small amounts may have tires with good tread and seemingly  good condition. However, tires breakdown over time. Have them check out. To read the manufacture date on your tires, go here.

If you have an questions about the quality of your tires, don’t hesitate to stop by the TireZoo in Anoka or Bloomington to let us take a look.


Tire Pressure Light On

Do you know which light indicates a possible issue with tire pressure? There are quite a few dashboard lights, but vehicles use the same icons to indicate possible vehicle or tire problems. Most of today’s vehicles have tire pressure sensors and corresponding tire pressure icons that light up when there is a change in pressure.

tire pressure light onThis icon is your tire pressure light and when it is on, you should consult your manual for proper tire pressure and test your tires. If you are not sure how to do this or have done this and can’t locate an issue, bring your vehicle to the TireZoo to see if there is a problem with your tire(s). It is possible the tire isn’t holding air.

A tire that is perpetually low, despite your efforts to keep it properly inflated needs attention. The longer you drive on a tire without proper pressure (inflation), the more likely you will do damage to the tire. You want to get the most longevity possible out of your tires, and loss of tire pressure can be a simple fix.

The TireZoo fixes tires that are “fixable” and can offer you less expensive used tire options to replace a bad tire and match the existing tires. We want you safe and back on the road; not worried about tire trouble.

We offer a coupon to fix a tire, which you can print here.

Easter Weekend Hours

Closing earlyThe TireZoo (both locations: Anoka and Bloomington) will be closing at 4pm on Saturday, April 4th to allow our team to enjoy the holiday weekend with their families. We are open regular hours on Friday, April 3rd and Monday, April 6, 2015. Please drive safely and enjoy your Easter weekend!

What Makes the Tire Zoo Unique

tire zooPrivately Owned and Operated

“You should feel confident that you are dealing with intelligent service folks who care about their customers,” says William K. one of our customers. He’s exactly right!

The Tire Zoo has been part of the Twin Cities landscape for almost 35 years. Being privately owned and operated means we are able to cater to customer needs and sell any brand of new or used tire. Other tires places may be limited to certain brands, but not the Tire Zoo; we carry all major brands of tires!

Very Large Inventory of tires

Sometimes buying new tires makes the most sense, and other times used tires perfectly fit the need. When shopping for quality used tires, Tire Zoo has the largest used tire inventory for miles around! If you are looking for one, two, three, or four matching used tires, we can find what you need. We can also help you determine the best tires for your needs and if/why you would buy used tires vs new tires.

Jessica says, “I’ve gone here multiple times over the last couple of years and have never had anything but excellent service. They fix what others won’t and for ridiculously cheap. I have to fix a broken valve stem on tires with a tire pressure monitoring system. And if you’re going in to fix a flat, print out the coupon it’s free! Seriously, I recommend this place to everyone!”

Online tire Database

The Tire Zoo also services many DIY’ers. If you want to shop online for new or used tires, we have an extensive database that will allow you too look for your options and give us a call to hold the tires you need until you can get here later in the day.

Low Prices

We have some of the most competitive prices around, and offer online coupons for additional savings. If you’re a student or military personnel, talk to us about a special discount. Many times, people on tight budgets come to us to help them find safe tires for the road, for a price they can afford. “I am a single mom of two boys and on a budget. They put new wheels and tires on my car. I felt the prices were the cheapest around town,” shares Renee. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and see if we can help you save big!

Experienced Staff

How often can you return to the same place and get the same staff? When you come to the Tire Zoo for tires, you benefit from our highly trained tire technicians and staff who have years of tire industry experience. One of our customers shared his thoughts, “I’ve used the same installer now for 3-4 years and will continue to do so. They know what they are doing and are quick and responsive.”

At the Tire Zoo, you will never feel like we’re selling you tires. Instead, we listen to what you say and help you buy what you want and need. “There is never pressure to purchase the most expensive tires that you often will find at 99% of all other tire shops,” says Brian J., customer.

We invite you to stop in and experience for yourself what makes Tire Zoo so unique. We’d love your feedback too!


Tire Zoo Highlights in 2014

tire zoo2014 was an amazing year! We welcomed quite a few new changes this past year.

Tire Zoo Extended Hours

We extended our Saturday hours to 5pm for both the Bloomington and Anoka locations.

New Tire Zoo Website

This past fall we rolled out a brand new website with an enhanced new and used tire search feature and database!

Great Tire Zoo Reviews

We received some fantastic reviews from customers on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and via our website. Here’s one of the more recent ones:

Always great service and pricing. Been buying tires here or at their Anoka store for over 15 years. ~Todd F.

High Traffic Tire Zoo Blog Posts

There were several blog posts that generated plenty of interest and traffic in 2014 too.

A year ago, we published the blog post, Double Check Tire Pressure in Extreme Cold which is currently our most popular blog post. It’s been extremely cold here in Minnesota already, and it’s not even officially winter yet!

Snow, cold, and winter driving is clearly on the minds of our readers. Another of our most read blog posts is Snow Tires vs All Season Tires. If you need help determining if snow tires are the way to go for you and your vehicle, give us a call.

Two other very high traffic blog posts this past year have to do with Where Used Tires Come From and whether or not you Can Buy Just One Tire.

 Popular Tire Zoo Coupons Still a Favorite

Printable coupons have been updated on our new website, but are still available to our customers on our “Specials” page!

2014 has been a great year at the Tire Zoo, and we look forward to wishing all of your a wonderful 2015! We’re certain 2015 is when we exceed 1000 fans on our Facebook page too.

Famous Flat Tires

Time to have a little fun.

In real life, tire trouble is no laughing matter. In the movies, we find it safe to poke fun at the situation from the safety of our living room or a movie theatre. Here are a few of the most famous flat tire scenes we could find. What would you add to this list?

Who could forget the famous flat tire scene in “A Christmas Story”?

YouTube Preview Image

And of course, McQueen in “Cars” when he loses his tire while racing.

YouTube Preview Image

There’s a great scene in “Adventures of Babysitting” when a vehicle full of kids has a flat tire on the freeway that leads them on a long, humorous adventure. We couldn’t find a clip of the flat tire, but this is a great scene when she sings the Blues about the night she’s having.

YouTube Preview Image